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Wordless Wednesday

free hugs insights group(1)

We just feel like everyone need a hug today so we are offering free hug to anyone who wants to!

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Tummy Toosday - this is for you Auntie Deb, ML and DKM!


Ifn yous are real nice and take it easy fur tha week you can snorgle our tums once but NO TICKLING!


DKM yous can snorgle too but be careful ok?

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Heartbroken... 'till we meet again sweet friend Sher!


All I want to say is: Farewell my friend 'till we meet again as you met Upsie and Sundance this last night! We will love and remember you always! Astrid & The Boys

Momma Astrid here blogjacking the Boys' blog: Right before I had to rush to work this morning I read the devastating news about the sudden passing of my sweet friend Sher of What Did You Eat? at the Cat Blogoshpere. She was one of the first FoodBloggers I met when I began blogging back in 2005. I can't say much I am just a little bit too shocked right now! Will blog more later I hope...
P.S. Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted this weekend by me and the boys and we will dedicate it to Sher of course as she was a constant supporter of WCB!

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Wordless Wednesday

A rare sight around here...

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Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #226


OMIGOSH lookit what's happening!!

Victor is carrying the Carnival away! Hey Victor the Carnival is supposed to be here at our place this weekend. Bring it baaaaack!! Seesh the boy is fast... 'CCome on guys we need to catch hims! He has all of the carnival fun in his carrier and is takin' it away... Victooooor stooooop! VICTOR TABBYCAT STOOOOP IMMEDIATELY!

Must. Stop. Victor.

Arrrrgh this kitty is baad. *psssst* to find out where Victor took the carnival follow this link.

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Easy Like Sunday...

We are getting ready for the Carnival of the Cats and The One Year Anniversary of Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos! Easy Like Sunday Kashim is checking his belly furs.... while Mr. Othello is doing some serious thinking... Easy Like Sunday Hmmm, maybe Mrs. Othello - the lovely Gree - should come by and get them going already! We don't want the kitty fun to be delayed this weekend, do we? *snickers*
Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by our lovely friends Katie and Puddy please stop by and say hello and most of all do not miss their wonderful roundup! For more Easy Like Sunday stop by Sophia the Diva Kitty!

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Carnival of the Cats is here this weekend!!


Hey there!

The Carnival of the Cats is being hosted here this week! We are very proud to announce this! Come on and join the carnival fun! It's free , it's fun, it's full of Kitty cats!!
To submit your post simply click here! The Carnival will be up by 6pm Central Time (maybe a bit earlier 'CCause this is about 3 am in the morning here)!

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Wordless Wednesday

Monday Morning Photo and Snuggling Session

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Mancat Monday

Aaaaah finally some quiet time! Don't get me wrong I really love my sisfur in law Gree but wif a LadyCat in the house you need to behave a lot more than wifout and so I am glad that I have some quiet time again as she is back home wif her family for now. I guess Othello went ofur to the Hotties house too so it is all quiet here... *siiigh* Guess after a proper and looooong nap I'll prolly go and meet some friends at the M-Cats Club today for a nip beer and some snacks! Pepster are you coning too?

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.52


Welcome to the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.52!

Othello: Blogging will be light here for a couple of reasons: First Momma´s owie in her right arm did not get any better and typing really hurtz at the moment. She really has to rest her arm so she can´t help typing as much as we´d like to. Second Mr G.´s (our handsum Man) 40th birthday is tomorrow and this week they have a couple of appointments in the evenings so they won´t be around to help us blog either... Third the first anniversary of the BKCFoC is near and she has to use the remaining online time to work on the new home for the festival so it will be up an running for the anniversary! Stay tuned for that *hehe*
Othello: Now we go on wif regular BKC Blogging.... This weekend Gree and me are hosting the festival as we have returned home from our honeymoon which was great by the way. ;o) Gree: Initially we thought we could share some memories and pictures with you during this edition but as Othello told you above their Momma is a wee bit handicapped at the moment... Othello: we have to delay this to a later blogging. But we purromise there will be stories and pics! Gree: Now lets see what we have this week:
  • Mark Graybill says Larceny: The Finest Spice at Cat Yarns. *giggles* well he definitely is right when he says: Cats have a definite preference when it comes to food. Stolen food tastes better. No matter what they are given, and no matter what is in the other cat´s dish, the food in the other cat´s dish is going to taste better than what´s in their own. And the more the humans protest and try to keep them out of the other cat´s dish, the better it will taste.
  • Eva Campbell rants Make a wish at And another thing.... uhmmm... beans are weird! did I mention that already? Who else could come to such an conclusion? The moral of the story is: If nature calls, hang up. Cuz p***g the bed is preferable to ending up in a coma after being snapped in half like a wishbone. but go and read yourself!
  • Katie presents WCB: Freaky Friday! posted at A Byootaful Life. Our lovely Aussie friend Puddy got a bit freaky this weekend:
  • Russ presents Lucky 13 posted at TacJammer. Happy Birthday to Mycah!!! May we take a photo of your lovely face?
  • Russ presents Naughty boys posted at TacJammer. Two kitties - one crime. Who dunnit? I say: the kitties are innocent, fully innocent that is. Yep that is my story and I stick to it. Nuff said.

Othello: I guess that´s it for this weekends festival. We hope we did not miss anycat! Gree: But if so please drop us a note in the comment section and we will add you immediately! Gree & Othello: Fanks for staying with us and we hope you enjoyed the festival!!
BKCFoC No.53 will be the 1 Year anniversary Edition and hosted at the new BKCFoC home. Stay tuned!!

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Caturday | A Cake Accident...

somecat stepped in the cake!! - sorry Mr G.!
Momma: BOYS!! What happened to the cake while I was sleeping?? Boys: Uhm... 'nuffing. Why are you askin'? Momma: Seeesh! BOYS! SOMECAT stepped in MY CAKE. It was supposed to be your handsum man's Birthday Cake!! Kashim: Wasn't me Momma! Really!! Honest!! Wasn't me! Othello: *lick* *lick* Hey why are you looking at me?? me is only bathing my paws... me has nuffin' to do wif no cake at all... Momma: *sigh* Oh boys what am I gonna do wif you? Boys: Feed us. Love us. Snuggle us. Need more suggestions? Momma: *laughs* I love you boys - for sure! Now I am gonna go and see how I can fix this cake and finish it before I have to go to work... *sigh* .... now yall know what happened yesterday morning in our kitchen. :o)
Pee Ess: The handsum Man aka Mr G. hadded a surprise Birthday Party organised by momma and Mrs Q. and Mr T. on Friday and he was really really surprised... that's why it was real quiet here the whole week 'CCause Momma hadded a lot to do wif the preparations but wifout the great help of Mrs Q. she couldn't haf handled it at all... The handsum Man's Birthday is on Tuesday July 8th! Oh and the finished cake looked like this:
Mohntorte mit Vanillecreme-Kirschfüllung | Poppyseed Cake with Cherry-Vanilla filling It's a Poppyseed cake with Vanilla-Cherry Filling and effuryone saided it was delicious... Momma will post somefing about it on hers foodblog tomorrow!
This weekend your dear friends Sher and kitty diva in training Laura are hosting WCB! Be sure to check the roundup later this weekend! Thanks for hosting girls (((hugs)))! Miz Sher us - the Boys - are sending snuggles and rumbling purrs for you to feel better and maybe not so anemic anymore! Should we come ofur and purrrr some healing purrs on you fur a while?

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ManCat Monday dedicated to Emil

Mr Tigger and the M-Cats Club are dedicating this Mancat Monday to Emil and so are we! Today would have been his 1st Birthday - we are sure he is playing THoE at the Rainbow Bridge with his friends!

Happy Birthday Emil! They will not go quietly, the cats who've shared our lives. In suptle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still make us think we hear a meow at the door. Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, And, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, That one place in our hearts belongs to them. . . and always will. by Linda Barnes

Emil, we did not know you for long but the time you shared with us was a very precious one! Thank you - Farewell little one until we meet again at the Bridge!

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Easy like Sunday...

We told you 'bout our friends Cindy and Spot before, remember? They are the kitties who live with Mrs Q., Mr T. and Babyboybean. Well, every other Sunday Momma takes a little walk in the morning and visits thems for a Breakfast/Brunch. Every other Sunday they come here to have Breakfast/Brunch wif us... you get the point don'tcha? Today I wanna show you where we live and how far the walk is momma does every other Sunday:
home See: this is our part of Vienna where we love now. You can see the "Old Danube" at the bottom of the pic and the big "A" marks where our house is. As you can see we live quite near to the water. The big "B" marks where Cindy and Spot live. Need a closer look? home You see it is just a few minutes walk to go to their house or for them to come to our house... DSC03626 This is the house where they live. At the very top of it and they gots three balconies too and they efen can go on top of the roof from one of the balconies and visit the neighbours below thems. Spot sometimes goes there to watch TV with the He bean there... I guess they share some HAM with him too... DSC03628 Oh and if yous walk this street to the very end you'll be at the big water (Old Danube) and if yous then turn right and walk fur a little longer you'll be at our house again... Maybe Momma will take sum pictures during her walk next time so I can show you how our neighborhood looks like... Mooomma?! Pleeeze? Purrrty Pleeeze?

Gree and Othello sent some new pictures from their honeymoon, maybe you can figure out now where they are:
A Bit of Ireland Their Honeymoon Cottage "Odd One Out"!!!! Some friends they met...
They are probably coming home on Wednesday and Gree will stay until Sunday here with us.
Spiced Carrot & Feta Gnocchi
Oh Oh and Momma saided to say thank you to DKM for the lovely Carrot Gnocchi recipe she finally gotted to cook them and really loves them!

So: Pleeze and Thank you very much DKM!

The Carnival of the Cats is this week at the Spin Doctor's house: Victor Tabbycat hisself!! The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is hosted by our lovely friend Pet and the ever adorable Bengal Brats! Thanks for hosting guys!!

Me? Oh me was doing this during this hot and humid Sunday:
Easy like Sunday DKM and Auntie Deb: no snorgle tummy!!!

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Wordless Wednesday


Dreaming of Holly...

Another picture Gree and Othello sent from their honeymoon:

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Tuxie and Tabby Toosday

Forming an eternal Love Wedding Picture
Gree and Othello are sending love and greetings from their honeymoon. Still they won't say where they are but they told us they had a lovely time and enjoy it very much. They told us to tell all their friends who came to the wedding and reception to share their very special day their heartfelt thanks for making their day extra special. Also they wanted to say thanks for all the lovely presents they gotted. For those of you who are good at guessing, this is a pic they sent us via their cellphone:
Do you haf a clue where they are?
P.S. They purromised to visit all their friends and say their purrsonal thank yous as soon as they are back from honeymooning *hehehe*

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Thursday is Gree's Day

thursday is gree's day

Isn't my Gree the sweetest bride-to-be?

Look how busy she is with all the wedding stuff.... we all are here and at the Hotties house and all and I truly think we would not get it all finished without the gorgeous help of our wonderful talented Wedding Planner Sammy Meezer!!! Not to forget MomAnn of Zoolatry who is helping with graphics stuff too and Mr Tigger who is helping too!! Don't forget to visit the wedding blog for all the impawtant information!! The Wedding will be Caturday, June 21st on the wedding blog, and then we'll have our chatzy reception starting at 12 noon PST (1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST which is 7pm UTC or 9pm CET). We will be at the reception for about two hours, then we're going to our honeymoon at the secret place - and I won't tell you where *hehe*. But you all can party on the Hawaiian beach as long as you want, though!
Kashim: *graps Othello* com'on brofur we're gotta go to a party right now... *whispers* but sssssh don't tell tha ladycats!! *calls out for Pepi* Hey Pepster help me get this mancat to his party right now! *hehehehe* Othello: uhmm I fink I gotta got to go now.... *wonders and tries to get rid of Kashims and Pepis grip* hey guys you don't hafta pull out all my furs before the wedding huh??!?! See yall at the paaaaarty!!! *Kashim and Pepster waving paws*

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wordless wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

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Invitation to our Wedding *updated impawtant!!*

gree & othello invitation to weding

Now this is the final week until Gree and I get married. Saturday will be our big day! As announced at the CB all of our friends are invited to the wedding in Hawaii this coming Saturday June 21st. If you have any questions please contact our wedding planner Sammy Meezer at our wedding blog. I am sooo excited. And nervous - in fact I am a nervous wreck!! My bofurs Kashim and Pepi will be my best men and Mr. Tigger and Zed Monster will be my grooms men. Oh and Billy Gingersnap will act as the ring bearer, isn't that sweet?

OMIGOSH I am so nervous!!! And I really need to thank Sophia, Fiona, Lando and DKM of course, for the wonderful wedding shower they arranged for Gree and I last Saturday. Although we were a bit sad because of Storm and Kali we had a wonderful party celebrating life also in their memory and we had a great moment of silence for Kali when she began her journey. I love San Francisco!! It was so much fun and I thank all of you who came and partied with us from the bottom of my heart. We had so much fun with the cable car ride and the VESPAS and the food was terrific!! Oh and DKM arranged some quizzes with prizzes an stuff for us and it was so much fun playing thems. hmms I gotted a little wet when I fell into the water but Pepi and Derby and Speedy rescued me. Sorry darling that I maded you faint as I fell into the water. Oh and I rided on top of the cable car with Pepi!! And i gots to dance with Miz Mog - she is a furry good dancer for a bean! *smoooches Miz Mog* Thank you so much again to all of you for making this day special for me and my love! I also wanted to say thank you for all teh wonderful presents we already gots. You an see them at the shower blog Spohia maded for us!

Update: Impawtant Message from our wedding planner:
Hello everyone, it's Wedding Planner Sammy again! Guests: MomAnn of Zooaltry has agreed to help you dress for the wedding! If you send her a picture of you and a picture of the outfit you would like to wear, she will dress you and send your picture back to you. Then you can please post it on the wedding blog. MomAnn's email is ZOOALTRY at GMAIL dot COM. When you want to post them here you can use the user ID greeanothellowedding and hawaiiisgreat as the password. Check back to the wedding blog later this evening for the schedule (the wedding will be on the blog and the reception will be at chatzy - offically the reception will last 2 hours with the bride and groom, and then they will leave for their honeymoon and all the guests can party as late as we want).

Another impawtant announcement regarding wedding presents: Somecats have asked what we want for wedding purresents. You don't to do that! Really!!! If you gotta, virtual purresents only, please. Or if you really gotta get something not-virtual, donate in our name to Furriends of CB to win an auction to help kitties, or or donate to your local humane society or to Criz to help Panther, or to help Mu Shue's vet bills. Please and thank you!!

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Remembering Kali - Farewell our friend!

Remembering Kali
It's a sad day again at the CB for all of us. It's time for Kail to go to the Rainbow Bridge and her family is very sad. She will be helped to the bridge during the wedding shower for Gree and we will have a minute of silence when Kali goes to the bridge and light a candle to lighten her way. We know she will be wlecomed by all our friends who went there before - 'specially our angel brofur Paul will be there as he was yesterday for Storm! Momma needs some rest now she is all worn out and says she can't bear no more bad mnews right now! I think it is good that we will see all our friends at the shower later so we can cheer each other up a bit. As Victor saided when Bonnie lefted us: They want us to be happy and peaceful not sad and mourning when the watch us from the Rainbow Bridge. Please forgive us for not visiting much the last few days, we purromise we will try to visit all our friends throughout the weekend to send all our hugs to you precious friends. For now we are sending our hugs from here to all of you:

(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) we love you all!

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Furry Fighter Friday in honor of our sweet friend Storm!

Our Love, Stormie
Our eyes are leaking and our heart is a little bit broken for loosing Storm - our brave friend and furry fighter - to the Rainbow Bridge. But our heart is also happy and we remember her as she was and honor her happy moments and her life full of love and tenderness. She was one loved kitty with a wonderful family who will miss her badly and our purrayers and thoughts are with them today as they moan over the loss of her sweet face. We know her soul will with them furrever watching over them. Storm you were such a brave LadyCat and a purrty one as well. You are beautiful and you will remain as the beauty fighter you were among us furevver in our hearts.

Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge. Bless the hands that send her to you, for they are doing so in love and compassion, freeing her from pain and suffering. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of her companionship and for the time we've had together..

Storm you always are a winnrer to us, as you said:

"I won because I fought the second bout of cancer and made the 3 tumours go away...I just got a little weak and my body has no more to give. I won because I have been surrounded by love and have had the best family I could wish for."

We love you.Forever.

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Weekend Cat Blogging with Kashim & Othello

We are honored to host WCB #158 this weekend.
To join this weekend simply leave a message in the comments section with your link. You can also send us a trackback or if you don't like both you can simply drop us an email at catboys AT saying WCB and your link.


Please Note: If yous leave a comment and it does not show immediately you might have been caught in the moderation queue. We will free you as soon as possible, if your comment does not show up after a couple of hours it probably did not work and we kindly ask you to try it again! Please and Thank You *winking to Tripper*


Please don't forget ML and Auntie Deb's auctions for Panther!! They haf wonderful items this week we are sure you'll find somefing you'd like there!

Oh and of course Gree and I will be pleased and honored to see you all in San Francisco this Saturday at the Wedding Shower Sophia, Fiona and Orlando are throwing for Gree! We are furry excited!!
Saturday June 14th at 2pm Pacific, 3 pm Mountain, 4 pm Central, 5 pm Eastern
The shower party will be held at Chatzy and all furriend cats, buns, friendly woofies, and other furriends (yes, even humans) are invited. - the link and further information can be seen at the Wedding Shower blog!
WCB #158

Let's get started with the round up:

  • Perfectly Parker Parker is enjoying her nip and is all nipped out. We love nip and we love nipped out kitties ... 'speshully when they is ladykitties *hehe*
  • catbible Don't miss this weekends LOLCat bible readings. They is worth a visit!
  • Stifler Stifler the cute hamster is sharing his adventures in Hawaii. If you need a smile on your face then be sure to visit is blog and read his adventures!
  • kitikata-san We are glad to be able to welcome a sweet old friend of ours: Kitikata-san. She shares her new scratching post with us and we think it sure looks very very comfy. *smooches to you sweet Kitikata-san*
  • Rosa's Fridolin Rosa's Fridolin sure is a fine mancat and a very photogenic too! Momma always goes "Awwwwwww" while looking at his pics!
  • Willie This young mancat in training sure knows how to live a bohemian life! Willie our Momma says you are sucha cutie patootie she might want to steal you ....
  • mincoda (Yaffa&Sebastian) Yaffa & Sebastian share pics of their cousin Mincoda - one fine LadyCar that is! She is a workerkitty at her family's farm and loves tobe hugged and kissed!
  • willow and china cat Willow and China Cat are watching something very intensely: "My eyes are on you..." they say! Wanna know what they are looking at? Go and visit their mommas bloggie
  • Mr TIgger Samantha Black
    Purrrty Samantha Black and Mr. Tigger share Emotions with us this weekend. Look at their wonderful expression pics. Plus if you visit their post you can see a sweet pic of the gradndaughterbean. Don't miss it!!
  • Mr Tigger Sunday Brunch at M-Cats Mr. Tigger and us guys at the M-Cats Club hat a wonderful Sunday brunch for Father's Day which was cellybrated this Sunday. We had a wonderful time at the M-Cats Club, thank you Mr. Tigger for organizing all this for us! Oh and please check out the Father's Day Edition of BKCFoC at the M-Cats Club too!! Mom Chandra and Mr. Tigger did a wonderful job again!
  • Miz Mog Miz Mog shows Meowza in the dirt again. And she was hosting Carnival of the Cats this weekend and did a awesome job - go check it out!!
  • Bengal Brats Miz Pet and the Bengal Brats wish their Master of the Universe (their Daddy) a wonderful Fathers Day. On a more scary note: Miz Pet is out of the hospital (which is good and we are happy about that!!) but she has been (probably) diagnosed with some nasty thing called arachnoiditis (to be honest i dunno what that is but understand that is is real nasty stuff that causes her lots of pain!! Miz Pet we ar purring hard for yous!! Oh and have you met Shtoke yet? He is a fine handsum Mancat of five years age and was saved by Miz Pet from being put to sleep... Please give hims a loving welcome! P.S. Four Bengals are enough? sure?? *hehe* We think all the Bengal Boys are as our momma puts it: "Awwwwww" *snickers*
  • Amar and Luna Our sweet friends Amar and Luna are celebrating Father's Day with each other and Amar put up a wonderful post of how it is to be a cat daddy! There are lots of sweet pics of Luna to see too!
So this concludes the WCB of this Weekend! If you miss your entry please drop us a not we hope we did not leave anyone out and if so it was not on purpose we promise!
This weekend had kinda sad moments too and we don't want to end without paying our tributes to our beloved friend Storm, the Furry Fighter:
We tried to gather all the tributes for Storm: Colby and Cheddar | Cheysuli | ML, KC & the Sherwood Bunch | Adan*Michico*Lego | Tara | The Ballicai | Marilynn Monreow | Zippy Sadie & Speedy | Daisy the curly Cat | Femi | The Meezers | Dragonheart & Merlin | Perfectly Parker | jeter harris | Eric & Flynn | Sweet Praline | St. Louis Meezers | Samantha & Tigger | Mom Megan and Momma Astrid @ BKCFoC | Abby | Kashim & Othello | Mickey | Purrchance to Dream | Laila and Lilly | Pearl, Bert & Jake | Beau | The Hotties | Meowers from Missouri | Purrageous Pirates | The McKitten -Cats | Jimmy Joe | Junior | The furry Kids | Victor Tabbycat | Kaze | Willow | China Cat | Purrs & Whiskers | Caturday | Grr, Midnight & Cocoa | Mr. Hendrix | Luxor | Camie's kitties | Smeagol & Strider | Artsy Catsy | Queen Snickers | Karl & Ruis | Dr.Tweety | Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes | Forty Paws | Amar & Luna | Crasota Castle Cats | TT&TOT | Kazuko Neko | TT | Kellie | Kimo & Sabi | Willie | Beau Beau & Angie | Beezer | Fat Eric | Tiger Lily | Fat Cat Muffin | The Zoo | Kitty Limericks | Crew's views | Caesar, Princess and Pierro | Moki | The Taylor Catsssss | Criz Cats | ...we are sure we mkissed some but we tried to find as many as we could! Last but not least we are also remembering Kali, who also went to the Bridge shortly after Storm this weekend:
Remembering Kali
My creation My creation My creation These candles were burning throughout the weekend for Stormie and Kali!

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Thursday is Gree's Day

The Love f my life!

nuff said.

wedding shower

In other news:

Sophia, Orlando & Fiona are hosting a wedding shower for Gree this coming Saturday and we are furry excited of course! They also maded a wedding shower blog so please visit there for more information soon! We hope you all will join us some time on Saturday at Chatzy in San Francisco! P.S: And don't forget: If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your furs... *hehe*
uuuhm Momma STOP IT!! *seesh* I fink she is a bit crazy today... *hehe*

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Wordless Wednesday

a candle for all our furriends

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Toesies Toosday

Do you remember our toesies challenge we had a while back?
tosies toosday
Then there where some sad things happening and we totally forgotted to dissolve the riddle... Now here it is - you guys were pretty good with finding the owner of the toesies:
finally friday click tha image to bigify

happy puuurrrfday sammy meezer
Our wedding planner himself SAMMY MEEZER is cellybrating his 4th Puurrfday today and we wish hims a very happy day with lots of treaties and cuddles and things to whap! Way to go Sammy!! we love you!
Happy Gotcha Day to Luna and Amar
Purrty sweet little Miss Luna is cellybrating her Gotcha Day today with Daddy Amar. Happy Gotcha Day Luna and many many more with your sweet daddy! *kissies and smooches*
a candle for allour furriends
We wanted to post some thoughts about our friends too but then we saw that there are so many who need our purrs and purrayers recently for various reasons so momma helped us light a candle and we saided a purrayer for each and everyone on that pic above. And we will dedicated all our purrrs and purrayers to our friends! Please feel free to use any of our graphics if you want to! :)

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Mancat Monday - Friends

Mancat Monday - Friends: Spot

This is our furriend and mancat buddy Spot

Spot is the kitty boy living with momma's best friend Mrs Q. He has huuge paws and lots of fluffy white furs (with some black spots - hence his name - and a black tail). He is very handsum too. AND he has curly furs on his tummy and back legs which both momma and Mrs Q. think is very awesome!

Oh and speaking of mancats:

You probably already read at the CB that ML's and Auntie Deb's *smoooches and headbumpies* auctions of this week directly go to Panther who was hurt badly and whom Criz helped in May so that he could get all the medical treatment he needed. We all purrayed so hart for hims to recover. The good news is: he recovered very well. The bad news is: Criz still owes the VET about $900 to cover Panthers treatment and he also wants to build up some safe place for Panther too so could not get hurt anymores... Criz could do with some extra $$$ to do this too. So please look at the items ML and Auntie Deb will have up this week and maybe you will find yerself something you like or need! Like they said in their post:

We thank Criz for all he has done ... now it's your turn to help thank him... and for all of us to give "the story of Panther" a happy ending. Thank you.

And a big thank you to alla you who helpded raise funds for sweet Dancer last week!!
Of course we are still finking of our fellow mancats who are not doing so well at the moment:
Thinking of Eric Purring for Mu Shue
For more ManCats on Monday be sure to checkout The M-Cats Club!
purring for willows dad

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Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos No.48


Colby and Cheddar are hosting BKCFoC this weekend and they have a wonderful optional theme, don't miss the festival this evening!! Our wonderful friends Sher and lovely mischievous little Miz Laura are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend so be sure to grab your coffee and have a look at the round up! The Carnival of the Cats is at Miz Pet's Garden Blog we are sure she is gonna be helpded by the sweet Bengal Boys!

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Easy like Sunday...

He'll stay always my sweet baby boy! Widebody??
Kashim is taking it easy this sunday. What else should a kitty do when the weather outside changes betweeen chilly and hot as hell every few hours?
Our wonderful friends Sher and lovely mischievous little Miz Laura are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend so be sure to grab your coffee and have a look at the round up! The Carnival of the Cats is at Miz Pet's Garden Blog we are sure she is gonna be helpded by the sweet Bengal Boys! And not to forget Colby and Cheddar are hosting BKCFoC this weekend and they have a wonderful optional theme, go and find out!!
Othello telerported ofur to the Hotties' house to talk with Gree 'bout wedding showers *eeek more rain??* and party guests and honeymoon ... Glad they are not here this time ... all this weeding talk drives me crazy...

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Caturday - Thinking of furriends...

Thinking of Eric For_Storm-small Purring for Mu Shue InMemoryOfLilly
It's Caturday and Momma is re-organizing her kitchen today so she has not much time to blog fur is today she sez and she purromised to work on our new blog design she purromized us or our Blogoversary! But effen tho we will not be around much today we are thinking of all our furriends and keep purring and purraying!
Oh and Othello wants you to look at the CB for the wonderful wedding shower announcement of Sophia, Fiona and Orlando for next Saturday! Isn't that sooo sweet of our furriends? We are looking forward to the shower (and the wedding!) and to see you all there next weekend! P.S. *Kashim whispering* and don't tell anycat but Othello is very very nervous 'bout the wedding stuff already!

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ML & Auntie Deb's Furriends of CB

ML & Auntie Deb's Furriends of CB
We recieved an email from the Zoolatry girls with this wonderful badge to put on our blog to help spread the word about ML and Auntie Deb's furriends of the CB! With the CFHF sadly being disbanded this is a wonderful way to keep up helping furriends in need and raising funds. Our heartfelt thanks to Auntie Deb and ML for their never ending enthusiasm and power!

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Dona Nobis Pacem

Dona Nobis Pacem

What is peace? The most beautiful thing the world can make. Is it true? We don't know, but it's a great thing to reach for.

Peace, peace, peace Peace, Bring it on Peace, peace You do no wrong Peace, peace, peace You are strong Stronger then hatred Stronger than fear Stronger than the dark powers of a troubled mind Peace Stay with me Peace, peace Flee not, try to be kind Peace, peace, peace Why hath thou so tough to find? Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi .

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