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Sad news. UPDATE: She is BACK BACK BACK!!!!

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! She is back!!! thank you so much for your purrs. We gotted Salome back. She is a very smart kitty girl and worked her way back with momma. we are so happy!!!!! we guess she will tell yall more later today on our bloggie, momma just needs some sleep she didn't sleep at all tonight and salmone and we need to nap a bit too after all this stress. thanks again for all your purrrrs and purrayers!!! they worked!! love and hugs (momma is leaking lots now) Kashim & Othello Salome Momma Astrid We have very sad news.

We fear that Salome escaped through our balcony tonight. Normally Momma don't let her go outside on the balcony on her own, 'CCause it isn't secured 100% for kitties not to escape. There was no need to, 'CCause neither of us boys would try to jump on the reeling anyways. But Salome jumps very high... Normally Momma closes the balcony door for the night before she goes to sleep. That's what he did this night too or at least that's what she thought she did. The door might not have closed properly and when we had a nasty storm outside the door was opened again and that's where we think she escaped... when the door banged shut again due to the nasty wind she might have gone scairt and jumped over the reeling. Momma and we checked all her hidey places inside we know of and can imagine ... she is nowhere to be found. Momma even went out into the storm to check if she could find her somewhere outside but there was no sign... and no Salome. There is a fenced in garden below our flat and balcony (we are on the first floor) and we hope that she is there somewhere hiding and didn't hurt herself too bad... The family who owns the garden is on vacation right now and so we don't know how to go there to check id Salome is there but maybe we'll find a way in the morning (it is almost 3 am here so we can't do much right now). We are very sad and worried and Momma is devasted. kashim othello

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The Carnival of the Cats is here this weekend!

YES, the carnival is here this weekend! We are hosting!

Come one come all its fun and it's free! And it's full of cats!

To submit just send an email to carnivalofthecats(at) or use the sumbission form you can also leave a comment in this post and we will gladly welcome you to the carnival!!

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Finally Friday and Hug another Cat Friday

Hug another Cat Friday
Feel free to use the graphic
Mu Shue Pooh King Cat was the the founder of hug another cat day. He once said if we all just open are paws and hugged each other the world world be a better place. He also said that if each cat hugged five cats we all be hugging in no time. Mu shue passed over to the bridge one month ago on August 21, 2008. We like to honor him with hug another cat day on Friday I think we could all uses some hugging. ~lilly lu and iris
We love hugs and we founded this announcement from Lilly Lu and Iris in the Friday Noos at the CB. We wanna hug five friends: Kashim: I give a biiiiig hug to Holly (and family), Luna (and Amar), Moki (and fambly), Femi, Eric & Flynn. Othello: Me does hug my lovely wifeyladycat Gree (and alla the Hotties), Daisy (and Pixie), Jasper (and all McKitten Cats), The Meezers, Miss Peach. Salome: Me wantsta HUG toooo, and DANCE and PLAY... Nina (and Victor Tabbycat), Mr. Milky (and alla thems at Artsy Catsy), Billy SweetFeets Gingersnap, Mr. Tigger and Ms Samantha Black, DKM (and Sophia and the Buns too). puuurrrs and hugs, kashim othello and Salome too (me wantsta haf a badge too, pleeeez?

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Skeezix For Catster Blogger!


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Thankful Thursday with Salome

Thankful Thursday with Salome
Hi kitties, it's me Salome! first me wantsta say fank you for all your nice comments on me posts and for welcoming me. Me is really fankful that the Lady lets me live here. I guess the other kitties here - Lady calls them her boys - are quite nice but I am no a 100% sure about that right now. There is some occasional hissing - just to be sure ya know? See I founded meself a nice spot on the kitchen counters of the Lady. The other two can't jump that high so they won't bother me up here and I love to be up high and nap or snoopervize... See the Lady even putted a nice soft blankie up there for me so it's more comfy! I fink I really like it here! Does anykitty wants to come and PLAY? purrrrs, Salome
Momma founded a nice Meme at DKm's blog and said she wanted to give it a try too:

Sci-Fi Meme

Here's how this works. Copy the list below. Mark in bold the movie titles for which you read the book. Italicize the ones you've watched. Then tag five people to perpetuate the meme.
1. Jurassic Park 2. War of the Worlds 3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 4. I, Robot 5. Contact 6. Congo 7. Cocoon 8. The Stepford Wives 9. The Time Machine 10. Starship Troopers 11. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 12. K-PAX 13. 2010 14. The Running Man 15. Sphere 16. The Mothman Prophecies 17. Dreamcatcher 18. Blade Runner 19. Dune 20. The Island of Dr. Moreau 21. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 22. The Iron Giant 23. Battlefield Earth 24. The Incredible Shrinking Woman 25. Fire in the Sky 26. Altered States 27. Timeline 28. The Postman 29. Freejack 30. Solaris 31. Memoirs of an Invisible Man 32. The Thing (Who Goes There?) 33. The Thirteenth Floor 34. Lifeforce (Space Vampires) 35. Deadly Friend 36. The Puppet Masters 37. 1984 38. A Scanner Darkly 39. Creator 40. Monkey Shines 41. Solo (Weapon) 42. The Handmaid's Tale 43. Communion 44. Carnosaur 45. From Beyond 46. Nightflyers 47. Watchers 48. Body Snatchers

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Wordless Wednesday

Sunday Playtime 2008 08 17
Sunday Playtime 2008 08 17
Featured in this pics is our furriend Spot, one of the furballs who live with our babyboybean.

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Mancat Monday

*phew* we are a bit exhausted from the weekend. This handsum mancat needs some naps to recover. *shhhhhh* Please do not disturb! I fink I'm gonna stay in bed 'till momma comes home. Purrrs, kashim
Here is me snoopervizing the Babyboybean sleeping. See how careful I am not to wake hims up? Momma says it is an older pic when he was a 'lil bit younger. Now - when he visits and needs a nap - he is sleeping in her 'puter room... He is quite nice I fink, but kinda noisy too. Mostly I prefer to hide when he and his parents are here. Kashim likes them better 'CCause Mr T. gives super scritches and snuggles, that's what he says... Kashim likes that. I am not sure if I would like it tho. purrrs, othello
She-Kitty 2008-08-09
Uhm, there is anofur fing... Salome - we call her Sally secretly, but don't tell on us... - has quite a strange habit when going to the litter box: When she is trying to cover, she climbs on top of the box and scratches on the plastic. She can't cover her *youknowwhat* and she keeps sniffing and scratching there for minutes. We tried to 'splain to hers how it works but when we come near she only hisses at us... We mean, we are gentlemancats and we wants to help hers but we haves no clue how?! Maybe some of yous LadyCats out there can help us? Fank you in advance! kashim othello
We just read at the CB that there is a big storm in/near/towards Florida and we are very worried 'bout all our freinds who live there.

Please stay save alla you!!

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Remembering Violette Noelle, our beloved "Sprout"

Here are we - Kashim, Othello, Salome and our angel brofur Paul - joining Monty Q. in watching over his little Sprout:

The Violet

Why better than the lady rose, Love I this little flower? Because its fragrant leaves are those I loved in childhood's hour.

Though many a flower may win my praise, The Violet has my love; I did not pass my childish days In garden or in grove: My garden was the window seat, Upon whose edge was set A little vase, the fair, the sweet, It was the Violet.

It was my pleasure and my pride: How I did watch its growth! For health and bloom what plans I tried, And often injured both.

I placed it in the summer shower, I placed it in the sun; And ever, at the evening hour, My work seem'd half undone.

The broad leaves spread, the small buds grew; How slow they seem'd to be: At last there came a tinge of blue, 'Twas worth the world to me.

by Miss Landon The Lady's Book of Flowers and Poetry, 1842

The memorial services for little angel Violette Noelle start at 9 am EST. Our hearts are with all of you who are there sayin' their last goodbye. We send yll our sympathies and love to you to wrap you on love and light during this hours of sadness. We will say a prayer with you and our candles are lit. Momma maded us purple ribbons to wear but we won't let her take pikshurs of us with the ribbons on. Once we had them on we hidded. But our hearts and purrs are with you Monty Q. and family for sure. Our bloggie went violet for this day and will remain throughout the weekend. To honor and remember Sprout. (((((((((hugs)))))))) to all our friends and especially to Monty Q.'s family and Mom Lynne Kashim & Othello Salome Momma Astrid

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[WCB] - Finally Friday

Momma wented to be with her fambly last night. She'll be back early Saturday. GramLady gotted herslef a new kitchen and momma went to help hers organize the new kitchen ans stuff. You know women's stuff... *snickers* In our thoughts we all are with Sprout's family and Mom Lynne, Felix's family and Maxime's family. we have lit our candles for all of them which will burn throughout the weekend to wrap them in love and light. KC and her mommie ML maded a wonderful candle-graphic (thanks, it's real magic):
Tomorrow we will turn our blog violet, Momma maded us violet ribbons and she'll look for something she can wear that is violet too (she usually only wears black, red or jeans). We will also have a special post up for Sprout tomorrow. We want you to know that we all love you and we are glad that we are part of such a loving an supportive community. To all of you who made it possible that Mom Lynne could go to Sprout and Tracey and Monty Q. so they have support in their hardest time our sincerest thanks. And to all of you who are helping them with your support, like Kikkycat who took care of Mom Lynne when she arrived at the airport. And all you others who are sending cards and hugs for comfort... You know who you are! We are honored to be part of this community!
Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is cancelled in Memory of Monty Q.'s Little Miss Sprout Violette Noelle we will remain silent this weekend. If you sent in submissions we will add it to the festival next weekend so no entry is lost. But you still can:

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Dag Lieve Maxime

'till we meet again, Maxime Original Graphic made by Zoolatry

Our heart goes out to Ruis and family! Our deepest condolences for your loss.

((((hugs))) Kashim & Othello Salome Momma Astrid

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Another sad GoodBye - Godspeed Felix


Felix, the magical cat, we will miss you, but you will always be in our hearts lad!

Our hearts are with your Mommy Jenny who misses you badly and with all your siblings at the Whiskers and Purrs Gang.

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Wordy Wednesday


Hi everykitty,

it's me again. I don't want to hog the blog of the tabbies who live with the Lady here. They saided that I can blog again today to tell you some good mnews, 'CCause you all need some good news to makes yous smile a little bit. So I hopes ma mnews will makes you smile a bit, k? Where do Is begin? Yesterday the Lady and the Man (I am not sure of him yet and rather hide when he is here) took me and the tabby boys to the Vet Lady again. The nice Vet Lady stolded some of my furs and my bloods. She a'splainded to me that she needs it do test ifn I ama healthy kitty girl. (a'CCourse I am !! I could haf tolded her ifn she hadded asked!) Then She pokeded me in my ladysome backside twice (left and right!!!). And then she dripped some water into mine nose!! *pfffft* Salome, the water was vaccine so you'll not get ill with FIP. Oh ok, if yous say so Lady! Anyhoo. The blood tests saided that I am a healthy kitty and when the Vet Lady checkded my ears and *whispers* backside she saided they look ok too. she efen cekcded my tummy again and saided she does not think I amma gonna be a mommy. She saided I might haf eated too much the last time when my tummy felt so suspicious... Hey watcha fink Vet Lady! The Lady here letted me starve the whole day before we gotted to yous!! *sigh* *making big kitty eyes* Anyhooo, where was I? So she saided I was all ok. And then the Vet Lady saided I needs a name (I tolded hers I already hafs a name by meself!!), she lookded at me all over again and saided yous little kitty look like a Salome to me, you sure know to fight your way and will! And you're pretty like a little Queen! Of course I am! Wooohoooo she gotted my name rite wifout efen asking me! Then she saided: Yes Salmone, that's what you are. You don't look like a Princess or Cinderella! Yous a Salome!

So here I - Salome - am!

isn't this good news? Did I make you smile a wee bit? salome2

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Violette Noelle "Sprout"

Violette Noelle, Little Sprout Her memory is warm in our hearts, comfort in our sorrow. For love is eternal, And those we love shall be with us throughout all eternity.

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Tabby Toosday - She-Kitty's chitter-chatter

She-Kitty 2008-08-09 Hey there! So here I am. I am the "She-Kitty" that's what the lady here calls me. I know she told yall about me. Last Sunday I showed up on her doorstep and acted all cute so she let me in and now I am living in her 'puter room - that's what she calls it but I guess I'll just call it "my personal hideway"! What's a 'puter anyway? For now, she says.
She says she'll find me a good home or find my former family. Hey Lady imma gonna stay, I say! Uhm, yes I don't a'member what caused me to be on the streets. It was all nice and I was enjoying life and then the next thing I know that I was running through big streets outside where the big noisy metal monsters live. I cried and meowed at the top of my lungs and I did not know what happened. Some nice people gaved me foods and somefing to drink but no one took me in... I was so scared and I missed my people to snuggle with. No one hugged me and petted me and I felt all lonely and not happy. Then I thought I had to take matters into my own paws and when I saw that there was a door open and I rushed into the house before anyone could close it again. I wandered through that house hollering on the top of my lungs again and then suddenly when I thought I could not holler no more and felt all weak and lonely and idunnowhat again I heard some voice calling me. I felt this was my chance and answered by hollering on the top of my weak lungs again running to where the voice came from.... And there she stood on her doorsteps - ready to go out! she said to me: "Hey kitty cat, watcha doin' here?" and I ran over and told her all bout my days onna street and that I knowed nuffin of how I ended up onna streets but that I was fed up with being hungry and scared and haffin nuffin to cuddle wif. I dunno if she unnerstood my meowings but she took me in her arms and I immediately started to purr on her mand making love paws and giving headbumpies.... I think she liked it 'CCause when she asked me:"What am I going to do with you and where the (bad word, bad word!!!) are you from?" I purred again and then she took me in... She-Kitty 2008-08-09 And now I am here. She also took me to the Vet Lady already who is a nice lady too. I like her she saided I am purrrrty - well I am! The Vet Lady saided I amma ok but I needs to get shot (huh???) 'CCause they don't know if I am up wif my rabbies and stuff and they don't know yet if I had my ladygardenectomy already. hey what the heck is a ladygardenectomy anyway?? So we are going back to the Vet Lady again today to haf blood tests made and I amma given my rabbies shots and stuff. I like the Vet Lady! The Lady here is quite nice and I like her. She has yummy foods and I get cat milk here effury day... and lots and lots and lots to eat. Do you like to eat too? The Lady also has two tabby boys living in the other rooms. They are pretty polite I guess... And seem to be quite nice. But I hiss at them when I see them. You know a lady has to make sure that men don't think of her as a loose woman... Ladies, I guess yall know what I mean. *snickers* Iffn I amma gonna stay I might meet them all soon... I think that's all I can tell you for now. Need to go back look for foods and have some play time - I love to play. Does anycat like to play too? Or maybe I amma gonna take a nap 'till the lady comes home and plays wif me... She-kitty introoder bye yall from me, the She-Kitty

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Sending hugs to friends...

Violette_Noelle Thanks to Daisy for the wonderful graphic! Celtic Blessing Until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Godspeed Violette Noelle ;(

Mom Robyn is going to take our hugs to the family at the day of the funeral (we don't know yet when it will be) - so if you want to send your hugs too please stop by the Hotties and leave a message!
hugs6hugs2 hugs4hugs5
Also we are raising funds at the CB for Lynne - who was her Godmother - so she can be at the funeral and with the family too. If you want to help with $1 or more please see all the details here. There is a candle burning here for Violette Noelle since we heard about the sad happenings and we will keep it burning until the funeral, sending her and her family a warm light and our love to comfort them!
Beau is having a Squillion auction to help raise money for Lynne and Monty Q.'S family. Be quick and please bid high! Also Grr, Midnight and Cocoa are having 3 different items to auction to help pay expenses for the family of Sprout.

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.57

BKCFoC Edition NO.57
Just when we were getting ready to finish our post for this week's BKCFoC we heard the terrible and devastating news about the sudden passing of Monty Q.'s Babybean Sprout aka Violette Noelle. So we had to change our entire post 'CCause we thought it was not appropriate anymore. Sprout we will always remember you as the sweet and loved baby you were! We all - including your family - had barely a chance to get to know you! We know heaven has a new Angel tonight but here it is somewhat darker and without laughter without you!
Remembering sprout aka Violette Noelle

Our hearts go out to your family!

kashim-for-sprout Sam has chosen "flowers" as an optional theme and as Sprout's name was Violette we are dedicating a bouquet of violettes to her! othello-for-sprout
The Festival is hosted by the ever lovely Samantha Black at the New Tuxedo Gang Hideout! Thanks for hosting Sam!

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Easy like Sunday...

Easy like Sunday... on the balcony
It's hot hot hot outside so we were lounging in the kitchen this morning where it was a little bit cooler. Did you notice? We have anew blog design. Momma made it for us this weekend. It was time already as she had purromised to do it since our Gotha Day in May! We hope you like it. It's not a 100% like we ordered her to do it but she will teak it every now and then during the next couple of days... We also now have cute little name tags like the Hotties so you can quickly see who was writing the post. Cool huh? Again we have to apologize that we were not visiting and commenting much on your blogs the past few days but with the She-Kitty and some other duties momma is quite occupied and can't help us at the 'puter much! So please be patient with us we purromise we will go around more often as soon as momma has a bit more time! Speaking of the She-Kitty: Yes she is still here, no it's not fixed that she will stay! But she is cute huh?
She-Kitty 2008-08-09
Momma says we all have to go back to the Vet Lady in Tuesday to get our shots and have some bloods stolen and some tests made in order to find out the She-Kitty is ok and there is no danger for all of us. Then we might be allowed to see the She-Kitty but I am not sure IF I really want to see her! Boy can she hiss and growl and meow. Every morning she meows on the top of her lungs when she hears us getting ready for breakfast. We miss our snuggling time in the morning with momma but right now she is eating breakfast with the She-Kitty so that she does not feel so alone. Othello is more interested in the kitty than Kashim is. Well we will see what the Vet Lady says on Tuesday... puuurrrs and love, kashimothello Oh and our WCB post is at Momma's Foodblog this weekend: wcb_166

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The VET Report and one MAAAAD mancat!


Dear Lady who lives here and calls herself a momma! If you drag me outta my sleep and to that VET Lady person ONE MORE TIME and she steals one more of my tooofs I swear I'll bite your big fat booohinney wif tha remaining ones reeeel reeeeel hard! *pfffft* I am mad mad mad! I am a mancat I need my toofs ALL OF THEM for my mancatlyness!! Right now I am NOT yer hooocy booocy snoocy sweet boy! I haf to think hard if I ever want to be your sweet boy again!! There were lots of wooofies there and I was scairt and all! I mean the Vet Ladies were all nice and they saided I am a brave and stunning handsum mancat - but guess what? I ALREADY KNEW THIS! Thank you very much! And it ain't be nice to pull teefs outta a mouth that does not belong to you! Dear nice Vet Lady I would very much appreciate if pullded out teefs outta yer own mouth huh? how doya like this?!

Momma Astrid here: We were at the Vet with Othello and the girl kitty last night (literally night 'CCause our VET opens at 7 PM and is there up to 3 AM in the mornings. Well we were back home at about 10:30 PM). I noticed that Othello had troubles eating again, so I scheduled an appointment to get the bad teeth out again and 'CCause the girl needed to be checked. Like the Meezers would say: The Othello toof report: The Vet said Othello's teeth didn't look as bad as last time. But there were two very bad ones so she pulled them out. Pooor Baby! She gave us antibiotics for him again to help heal the gingivitis he is fighting with. She also said we might not need to pull all of the teeth at once. She'd prefer us to come whenever we notice that another tooth is bothering him and pull this one in order to not have to sedate him.. The teeth in general are in not that bad shape so it is not necessary and if I do not want to risk the sedation it's ok. We have to call her in Friday to report how he is doing. He got some pain meds yesterday and with the antibiotics and the pulled teeth (sorry baby) he is doing much better. The She-Kitty report: The Vet says she is basically ok. She is older than we thought. About two years but a very small cat. We could not find a sign on her that she is already spayed. Also her belly felt a bit suspicious the Vet said she might be carrying kittens but it is too early to see it with ultrasound or anything so we just have to wait if her "big" belly is 'CCause she ate a lot the last few days or 'CCause of another reason. Otherwise she got the routine checkup and needs her shots the next time. As do the boys. in about a week or two we can try to let them together (when we know for sure that the little one is ok!) Well then I'll see what we will do with the little girl if no one claims her but to be honest I don't think anyone will! We were looking for "lost kitty" posters all around here and found not a single one... IF someone is looking for her we should have noticed a sign by now!
Victor Tabbycat asked if we do microchip kitties around here: Yes you can microchip your kitty here at most local VETs but the She-Kitty is not chipped :( Gandalf and Grayson mentioned that she might have traveled a longer way: Yes you are right, this might be a possibility - we won't finds out for sure 'CCause she won't tell... :/

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Wordless Wednesday

Peek-a-booo Peek-a-booo

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Cats on Tuesday

´Cats *sigh* SHE is still here! And SHE has been hissing at us. A LOT. WE have not been hissing a bit. We we were very nice boys. ´though momma gaved her OUR tuna for dinner yesterday!! OUR TUNA!! She already has one of OUR Gizzys and now she is eating OUR tuna! And she is stealing OUR momma!!! Momma has been in the ´outer room lots with her and WITHOUT us! We were always allowed into the ´puter room. It has the pong chair we snuggle on with momma. Now I guess SHE is snuggling on with momma... *sigh* HOW LONG IS SHE GONNA STAY??? Well ya know she is pretty and momma says she is a poor little kitty ´cause she is alone and scairt and that´s why she is hissing at us! But we don´t really need no new kitty here, do we?
She-kitty introoder What if momma is falling in love with her?
Boys, boys, boys! She is not stealing anything from you! I am still here and I will always love you to bits and pieces but now we have to help this little girl and so I need to spend some time with her! I am very proud of my boys you are doing great with her and I am proud there was no major hissing on your side! *smmmmoooooches* to my boys!
Momma Astrid here: She is doing quite fine. Using the litterbox and eating half a can of tuna last night. She is playing and chirping, meowing and purring lots. Yesterday I asked around in the neighborhood a bit more but no one seems to miss her. :/ I really do not like the idea that her former family kicked her out... but it becomes more and more likely! It is summer time here and a lot of pets (cats, dogs and other critters) are abandoned when people are heading for their holidays...very few of them are brought to shelters... She is a sweet little girl and the most surprising thing is: Othello is very interested in her but is also very sweet and carefully approaching. Meowing a bit at her but not unfriendly!! She on the other hand seems to be scairt of the boys and is hissing whenever they come near the door! Kashim is interested too but not too much. That´s my big boy: way to laid back to be disturbed by another little kitty. I keep them separated tho at least until the VET saw her and says that she is ok and there is no danger for the boys! Only let them look at each other through the door... If no one claims her within the next week I will introduce her to our vet and then... well look for a good home for her? Something like that!

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Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday Here I am showing off my belly furs for my lovely Holly girl! *Hi Holly! There is plenty of space for you on my Gizzy! Wanna come ofur...?*
In other mnews: The introoder girl kitty is still here. Momma says if she stays for a few more days we might meet her in one or two days...! Not that I am too much interested in meeting her at all (I have my Holly and am a happy mancat! No need for another female around here!!) Othello went off to Gree's and I will go to the M-Cats Club to meet wif my buddies there. Hopefully Pepi and Mr. Tigger will be there for a quick game of poker... Look what she has been doing yesterday wif momma in the 'puter room when we were not 'lowed in:
She-kitty introoderShe-kitty introoder She *gasp* has been using *our* GIZZY!! It's a Mancat Gizzy not a girly gizzy!!! And now it even has her stink on it *ffffft* *hiss*
Momma Astrid here: She is doing fine. Slept alone in her room. I went to visit her several times and she didn't even notice me looking. She is very scared of car noises and noises from the street but otherwise fine. Ate some of the kibbles (thanks Robyn for the suggestion with the milk) and drank all of the milk. Also used her litterbox like a fine kitty girl. As for the boys. Kashim starts to get interested why th PC room door is shut when I am in, as there is his pong chair in it where he usually snuggles with me when I am working on the PC... There has been some hissing from the girl kitty (not Othello mind you!!) when I wanted to get into the room today and Othello was looking through the door - he only stood the sniffling and meowed a bit. I tried to let them sniff each other but she got scared I think and hissed and growled a bit...

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.56

BKCFoC No 56 at Miz Mog and the Kitties
Miz Mog and the Kitties are hosting BKCFoC this weekend - Fanks for hosting! *puuuurrrrs* And they chose Kittycats and Squillions as optional theme. But we have to show you something other besides kittycats and squillions... Look what momma founded at the bayboybeans house today:
Mog The title says: Family Mog Mog and here the book says: Hi, I am Mog and over there are Niki and Sandi.
Hehehe Miz Mog watcha fink? It's a book of a series of children's books from Judith Kerr a British author. We think it is pretty neat and the books are lovely too. Momma says a lot of kid beans like the stories! As for the Squillions: We don't have 'ramic Squillions here as you can't get them around here I fink but Othello 'dopted a vSquillion from the CB Shelter last year, so we are showing it to you:
I adopted a virtual Squillion from the Cat Blogosphere!

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Houston we have a purroblem...

Kitties we need some advice! Momma maded a stoooopid fing! She broughted a somefing home wif her today! Now we needs some advice... well I guess we should begin at the very beginning huh? So today is Sunday and momma wented to go have breakfast wif her friend Mrs Q. and the other beans - like every other sunday. At least that's what we tought she dided... but then after a few minutes she came back wif an INTROOODER!!
She-Kitty Introoder
She explaineded to us that she founded the little she-kitty and that she was pretty sure the she-kitty escaped from a home. She definitely is not feral. She does not look feral at all. But she had no collar and is teeny tiny and momma says she is pretty young too. She thinks she is 1 year at the max. She has very teeny tiny teethies too. She is not spayed yet too. She founded her in our house and she asked all the neighbours in our house and around our neighbourhood but noone misses her right now. Some of them saided that she has been around for about two days outside and some of them did feed her but didn't do anything other. So momma took her in and says she is gona stay a while till she figures out what else to do. She is in the PC room now with momma and we are not allowed in there. Here are some pics:
She-Kitty Introoder She-Kitty Introoder She-Kitty Introoder
WE IS NOT AMUSED!!! Momma Astrid here: Yes this morning as I was about to go for our Sunday breakfast to my friend and I found this little she kitty. I took her in 'CCause I thought maybe she escaped from one of my neighbors as I found her IN our house. But so far noone is missing her. :( I asked several other neighbors around but noone is missing her there either. I think she can't be from very far as some of the people told me she has been strolling around the houses here for about 2 days meowing... some of them fed her. She is in pretty good shape, about one year old at the max I think (as far as I can tell) very very friendly and attaced to humans (she is purring and making biscuits and headbumping me all the time. She comes when you call her. Has absolutely no fear of humans. She had no collar, and is not spayed yet.
She-Kitty Introoder She-Kitty Introoder She-Kitty Introoder
The basket you see her in is not much bigger than a DIN A4 (US LETTER) sheet of paper... How are the boys coping with this new situation? Kashim is acting as there was nothing at all. he didn't take any notice of her when I first brought her in and does not seem to be disturbed in any way... Othello on the other hand is going up walls... He was hissing and growling towards her and now is sitting outside in front of the room meowing. HE might be a problem when she has to stay longer. HE does not accept any other kitties around than his brother. When I once tried to get him another kitty his age to play with he acted real strange and beat the other one up so badly that I had to find another family for the cat. It was a male cat tho so maybe he'll get along better with a female? I don't know. Right now I is not happy with the situation. :( Othello needs to have his teeth pulled out soon 'CCause he has lots of troubles eating and chewing and is drooling a lot. His mouth stinks (very much) so there is no way to get around this - the antibiotics helped a bit and it was better for about a month but now it is back to worse and with this in mind I just don't won't to put too much extra stress on him... :( The thing is: I can't put her back on the streets can I? NO! What if there really is no one who misses her? There are no cat rescue groups here in Vienna I know and trust. :/ The only "shelter" I know of is a state owned one and I DO NOT TRUST THEM. :( The only thing she is "eating" right now is milk and she drank some water. She does not seem to like the kibbles. I do not have wet food here as the boys are only eating raw beef or chicken or shrimps or their kibbles. Guess she will need kitten food or something - need to get some of those tomorrow... I am gonna print "Found Kitty" flyers and pin them in the neighborhood... Any suggestions? I really don't know what to do :/

Pee Ess: Miz Pet and the Bengal Brats are hosting WCB this weekend ans Our FL furriends Samantha and Mr Tigger are hosting CotC!! So be sure to stop by their blogs and say hi! oh and don't furrrget the great raffle for Percy's toe!! TOE

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Wordless Wednesday

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Principessa Cinderella"]Principessa Cinderella[/caption]

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Tabby Toosday Video

Cats on Tuesday It's our second -or so- participation in Cats on Tuesday. Well we wanted to participate regularly but you know humans!! So as a little apology we have a very special Cats on Tuesday post for yall!! We hope you can view the video if you are having problems, please let us know! Kashim doesn't fancy being brushed by momma at all. It improved a bit when she got the Zoom Groom for us (which I - Othello - hate). But still with the Zoom Groom he will only stay a few minutes and then walk away.

When the handsum man comes with the Zoom Groom or even with the brush Kashim will get all excited and will let him brush for a a squillion hours! Othello, it was about 15-20 minutes yesterday not hours! ok, so it was for minutes but a squillion times longer than with you yes it was. not a squillion times but it was way longer and that's ok! You on the other hand acted all sissy when he tried tto zoom groom you! hmpf.

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Mancat Monday & a question

*phew* we are exhausted after this weekend! Dear friends we need your help: Do you fink these two pics qualify for an entry to Monty Q's contest?
DSC03841 Kashim

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Easy like Sunday... taking it easy on the balcony

What we've been up to this Sunday?

Easy like Sunday... on the balcony
Well, nothing spectacular really... Othello was helping momma doing the WCB round-up at hers foodbloggie and then we snoopervized her doing the tribute to Sher. She still is kinda sad and says she misses hers. We miss hers too a bit, she was a very nice lady and always saided nice fings about us. We loved to send her headbonkies and get scritches... We will not forget hers. Momma and Othello haded an idea and we think it is a pretty nice fing to do: LB and his Momma Mary (The Breadchick, cool name huh?) are taking ofur Sher scheduled WCB weekends in her honor and we decided that we will post WCB posts for this weekends on mommas bloggie and she also purrromised that she will post kitty food recipes with us again then. Sher always liked to read thems.
Easy like Sunday... on the balconyEasy like Sunday... on the balconyEasy like Sunday... on the balconyEasy like Sunday... on the balcony

In ofur mnews: Mom Robyn was looking for a volunteer to keep up the schedule for WCB and we talked to hers and took it ofur. So ifn yous want to host a weekend please let us know via email at wcbschedule AT (remember to squish it altogehter before sending), also if you are already scheduled and can't host for some reason... We are in need of a host for the coming weekend as Megan and the BKC were scheduled to do it but still are not bakc online and can't do it :( #165 Aug 2-3: HOST NEEDED FOR THIS EDITION! Please ifn you wants to step in furr Megan and the BKC let us know, k? The lovely Miz Pet and her handsum Begal Brats are stepping in for Megan!! The next editions in August are hosted by: #165 Aug 2-3: Miz Pet and the Bengal Brats at Pets Gardenblog (stepping in for Megan and the BKC) #166 Aug 9-10: Special Food Edition by HotMBC in honor of Sher #167 Aug 16-17: Amar and Luna at CatSynth #168 Aug 23-24: Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Mom Chandra at The Squillion Worlds Spins #169 Aug 30-31: Katie and Puddy at A Byootaful Life
Our friends Amar and Luna are hosting CotC this weekend so don't miss the carnival at their page this evening!

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.55

Hi this is Kashim here, as the offishual Spokeskitty of the BKC Festival of it's my honor and duty to announce Miz Pet and the Bengal Brats are hosting this weekend and they chose the optional theme "Those Eyes". We think this is a wonderful theme as momma always says she loves our eyes! So we made her pick some pikhurs that show off our eyes best:
Othello Weekend Cat Blogging[Weekend Cat Blogging] - #112 Helpin mommaMonday Morning Photo and Snuggling SessionMonday Morning Photo and Snuggling Session
When kitty eyes are smiling All the world it is their play With a leap a cat is soaring Now your shoe lace is his prey When kitty hearts are happy Against your leg, you'll feel them rub And when kitty eyes are smiling Sure, you can't help falling in love. ... lyrics by Marc Gunn (whose music we and 'speshully Momma loves...)
Kashim Weekend Cat Blogging - KashimWeekend Cat BloggingKashimKashim
Thank you Miz Pet for hosting! We are looking forward to the festival tonight! To keep track of the Upcoming Editions of the BKC Festival of Chaos please look here.

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morning snuggling with the boys
We need some quality snuggling time before we go and werk on the memorial WCB for Sher this evening.

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Weekend Cat Blogging - In Honor of Sher

wcb_sher please feel free to use the graphic...
Yes we are hosting WCB this weekend but we decided - after talking to momma - to do it mostly on her FoodBlog because it is a very special edition to us as it is celebrated in honor of our fellow blogger Sher of What Did You Eat who left us sudden and unexpected Monday night. Momma's FoodBlog is where we started WCB and where we met Sher the first time. So this is where WCB should be this weekend! She left us to be the Lords newest Angel and be united with her precious Upsie and Sundance. We are sure she is sitting somewhere up there cuddling and playing with the kitties and looking over us - smiling. And if we close our eyes and think of her we can feel her smile.
We Cat Lovers are dedicating this weekend to her and invite everyone to join us throughout the weekend. Come celebrate Sher with us!!
The Bread Baking Babes - a community Sher was a loved member of - are asking fellow foodbloggers to celebrate Sher with them: Mary of The Sourdough says on her blog:
So, in celebration of Sher, we are asking her friends from the various online groups she actively participated in, Daring Bakers, Weekend Herb Blogging, Weekend Cat Blogging, Presto Pasta Nights, and any other of her online friends and family to become honorary Babes for the Day. We would like you to go to her blog, "What Did You Eat", and select a recipe that meets your fancy, make the dish, take a few pictures and blog about Sher's wonderful food and share your memories of her with us. Then send an email to Breadchick Mary or Sara of I Like To Cook with your name, your blog's name, and a link to your "For Sher"? post. We'll get them to our fellow Babe, Glenna of A Fridge Full of Food, who wrote such a moving post about her best friend, and who will make sure that Sher's family will get a chance to see the feast of Sher's food all over the web.
Momma already found my recipe and will post it on Sunday. Sher, we miss you!
As always for joining WCB please leave your link in the comments. If your comment does not appear right away it may have gone to the moderation queue and will be approved as soon as possible. If you feel your comment didn't make it or it didn't work for you for any reason you can always send your entry via email to catboys AT Thanks!

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