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Easy like Sunday...

Oh I am still tuckered out from all the cellybrating stuff and watching over Momma. Need.Nap.Now. For more Easy like Sunday visit our ever gorgeous Diva Kitty Sophia. :)

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Momma!!!! Stop playin' around and chatting with Mom Robyn and finish our WCB post over at your blog. I am ready to dictate, how long will you keep me waiting?? Seesh!!!

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Weekend Cat Blogging #187

WCB 187
Our supergood friends Samatha and Mr Tigger are hosting WCB this weekend. Go leave your link there to join in the fun and don't miss the weekend fun! You can see all the hosts for WCB here! Kashim

Hi kitties,

this is Kashim speaking. I am helping Momma with our WCB post today. We are quite late but it was some hard work to get her going anyway. Seesh this woman does everything but not what she is supposed to do!! She has been chatting with Mom Robyn AAALLLL day!! I think I need to talk to Pepster and my sisfur in law Gree about that... KS22 Momma's brother was here for a quick visit today and he helpded her with the grocery shopping and they did some other shopping too. Look what she gotted herself: a new kitchen gadget and the best thing is this one can switch between grams and ounces. I don't know how this helps but Momma says it helps her lots to make things her mericky friends are blogging. She says theys don't use no grams... and this makes it kinda hard for hers to measure all the things she needs to bake and stuff. Now this one helps her lots in future, cool huh? Salome Meanwhile Sally was watching the world from atop of the cat tree. She loves to be there lots. Momma says I need to be way more nice to hers but what shall I say? Sometimes sisfurs need some serious whapping, huh? Othello Othello is no help at all, he decided to hide the toys and guard them. He did this ALL day. Seesh! Little brofurs! I think I am gonna go visit my girlfriendcat Holly for a change and some snuggling! Kashim ...and now I need a serious nap! All this work has worn me out!! Please do not wake me up before my 23 hours nap is ofur, kthxbai! Have a great weekend yall!

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - The Aftermath

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008
Phew I tell you, we made A LOT of cookies. It all began when Mrs Q. and I where talking about baking Christmas cookies. Then there was the idea of doing it together. We talked about everything. Which cookies to make. Which recipes. Which fillings. When to bake, who would bake what. What decorations to use. What ingredients we would need and we even did a shopping list. Perfect planning huh? We decided that each of us would bake the cookies ahead the day before and then work together on the finishing. Then when Babs came and showed me her prepared cookies I went like "Holy Moly are those big ufos!" But when she saw mine she went like "What do you want with this miniature cookies, are you kidding?" *rofl* we really talked about everything -except the size of the cookies. So we ended up with a variety of real big ones and some teeny tiny ones. Let me tell you our families were puzzled too. But now on to the cookies! Here is the list of what we made this year: Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Click on the thumbnails to go to the recipe posts. Here are some I still have to blog as soon as Mrs Q. gives me the recipes... that is. Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008 Cause it is her share of the cookie madness. LOL altough it was a lot of work and we definitely need to do a bit more planning next year I had fun and liked it lots. The cookies turned out good as well and both families were pleased with most of them.

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2008 in pictures

2008 is over and 2009 has just begun. How a bout a look over the shoulder back at 2008? ...and what would be more suitable than look at pics? So here are 12 random pics of things I made 2008 and one Bonus pic in honor of Sher, of course.
minestrone2 DKM's soup Roasted sweet potatoes with field salad DSC03284 If your tummy is feeling icky try chicken soup Rye Sourdough Bread Mohntorte mit Vanillecreme-Kirschfüllung | Poppyseed Cake with Cherry-Vanilla filling Squash & Potatoe fritters Bread Baking Babes: COUNTRY-STYLE WHOLE-WHEAT PITA The Lunch Club: Eating Burritos Pan de Muertos Lavender Shortbread ...and this one is for you darling Sher: In Honor of Sher - Bread Pudding with Apricots

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
style="border:none;" Happy New Year

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A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
We wish all our furriends a very happy New Year filled with wonderful moments of love!

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Wordless Wednesday

A Christmas Miracle

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Yule Wreath

I guess you know my affection to the gorgeous Bread Baking Babes by now. Really. I am excited to see with what ideas they come up with every month and their blogs have become a permanent part on my foodie blog tour. Wonderful bakers each and every one of them.
Bread Baking Babes' Yule Wreath
Now this months bread made me fear a bit again, but I knew I had to try it when I was half through the Babes' blogs and saw all the wonderful wreaths. After my disaster with the Challa and all the nice comments and suggestions from the Babes I knew I had to be very careful with the wreath... The dough was really nice to work with and I decided to do both a savory and sweet version. Hey I am a single person household what should I do with such a big sweet wreath? So I had to tweak the original recipe Lynn - who is hosting as the Kitchen of the Month - gave us. Well I'd have to tweak it anyway as I needed a version to work with spelt flour. Thanks to Mary and her suggestions I am now able to bake with a far more stable dough. So here are my moderations:
1 package active dry yeast 1/4 cup warm water (105 to 115 deg. F) 3/4 cup lukewarm milk 1/4 cup sugar (reduced to 2 tablespoons) 1/4 cup butter, softened 1 egg 1/2 tsp ground cardamom (left out, used cardamom in the filling) 1/2 tsp salt 2 1/2 cups spelt flour 1/2 cup rice flour (probably a bit more as the dough was a bit too wet to work with at the beginning) 1 teaspoon ground psyllium (helps to substitute gluten)
And here with any further ado my versions:
Bread Baking Babes' Yule Wreath Bread Baking Babes' Yule WreathBread Baking Babes' Yule Wreath
Savory: Filled with tomato sauce, salami and cheese
Bread Baking Babes' Yule Wreath Bread Baking Babes' Yule WreathBread Baking Babes' Yule Wreath
Sweet: Filled with candied hazelnuts, dried cranberries and chestnuts topped with vanilla icing Well, two things I need to change next time: 1) cut down the second rise to half the time 2) watch the oven more closely as they both went a bit too brown on the outside... (I blame my dad for this because he kept me on the phone too long when I should have checked on my bread, DUHR!) Conclusion: I love the texture and the taste of both the sweet and the savory version. I fact I had half of the savory one for dinner just right now *hehe* and it was delicious!! Be sure to visit the Bread Baking Babes: Notitie Von Lien (Lien), My Kitchen In Half-Cups (Tanna), Bake My Day (Karen), Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn),I like To Cook (Sara) , A Fridge Full Of Food..And Nothing To Eat (Glenna), Lucullian Delights (Ilva), Grain Doe (Gorel), The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick), Living On Bread And Water (Monique), Thyme For Cooking (Katie)

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Easy like Sunday... who is it?

Easy like Sunday
Can you name the kitty who is snug as a bug in a rug?
Easy like Sunday
Is it Holly's gentlemancat Kashim or Gree's speshul handsum husbandmancat Othello?
The Carnival of the Cats is hosted at the CB this weekend. It is still not too late to send your link for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Salome at Mommas FoodBlog! Oh and do not forget the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos hosted by Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail - sadly we did not receive many submissions this weekend :/ yet!

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Homemade Crystalized Ginger

Homemade Crystallized Ginger
When I first saw this recipe at Lynn's blog I knew what I wanted to make as a little Xmas present for my parents. They both love candied ginger and buy it whenever they see some. There is always a bowl filled with candied ginger and wasabi coated nuts in the living room of my parents' house. I bought some fresh ginger roots at the market and followed Lynn's recipe. It was really easy to make and ready in no time. As much as I like to cook with ginger, I do not fancy candies ginger at all, but I tasted it and I must say it's not too bad :) My parents on the other hand love it. My Mom even requested to have the recipe and instructions translated so she can make it herself. Thanks Lynn for this gorgeous recipe!

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Weekend Cat Blogging #186 hosted by Salome

The Lady has been feeling sickly since the beginning of the week so were not posting much 'CCause we were watching her to stay in bed. She is down with a flu and has no voice (which we personally do not mind too much) and some bad coughs. So we apologize for not being around and wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas time. We have been with all of you with our hearts! So a little bit belated belated but still with all of our hearts:

We hope you haded the bestest Christmas time this year and all the best wishes for the coming one!

Me - Salome - is hosting this very last Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend, so please join us for the last time this year to show off your kitty gorgeousness! Simply leave your link in the comments of this post and we will do an update every now and then throughout the weekend. The very first weekend in 2009 will be hosted by our FL furriends Samantha Black and Mr. Tigger at Life from a Cat's Perspective! For all other weekend fun and festivals please visit the Cat Blogosphere!


Oh boy oh boy, The Lady gotted real sick! She was in bed all day Friday AND Saturday and there was much sneeezing and coughing heard. So I am sorry I was not able to update until now. Thank you all for joining us this last weekend of 2008. Let's see what was going on this weekend so far:
  • Our dear friend Rosa was first this weekend. ME really loves her kitties Maruschka and Fridolin. ME could not ind a WCB post for this weekend but just look at the one from last week and see the loverly face of Fridolin!
  • Our FL furriends Sam and Mr. Tigger came by too to wish us all the best for 2009. Thanks friends we love you!
  • Awwww, look at this!! Our friend Kitikata-san is a very very purrty cat lady, isn't she? Happy New Year to you Kitikata!
  • Cheysuli - our sweet gorgeous Meezer friend - came by as well and sings us a song at Meezer Monday. *humms*
  • Diamond Emerald Eyes brings Holiday Daze - The Conclusion to us. Want to see it? Visit here!
  • Oh oh Oh - Tristan was very bad! Did you already read the whole story of his confessions? Naughty, naughty boy!
  • Ooooh, you need to visit Patchouli, she is such a wonderful and puuuurrrrty cat lady! The Lady gotted all Awwwwww, when she saw it.
  • Our dear friends Amar and Luna are with us this weekend too and again Amar shows some really adorable pictures of little houspanther Luna! Thank you friends for always being with us!
  • Nikita is sharing the story about Bess asking for good thoughts. We send lots of purrrs and purrayers.
These are all the links so far. If you want to add your link, just leave a comment, ME will be updating as comments come in! puuuurrrrrs and sandpaper kissies, Salome
  • Guylaine shows us some pics of Ms Mina and Mr Benny. Be prepared for a big dose of Awwwwww!
  • Oh and Miz Mog and *gasp* Meowza joined us too! He is one handsome and cute mancat isn't he?

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - Cremkrapferl

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008

Cremkrapferl - Shortcrust cookies filled with Cocoa-coffee Buttercream

160 gram butter 280 gram sugar 80 gram ground almonds 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar
Knead all ingredients together. Refrigerate over night. Roll out dough and cut with cookie cutter of your liking. Bake at 180°C. Fill with cocoa-coffee buttercream.
100 gram butter 100 gram sugar 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon strong coffee 20 gram cocoa powder
Mix all ingredients together until smooth and let cool in fridge for about 10 minuted before use!

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - Kokosbusserl

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008

Kokosbusserl - Coconut kisses

Recipe I
150 gram butter 200 gram sugar 2 eggs 200 gram flour 200 gram desiccated coconut flakes 1/2 package baking powder 10 gram vanilla sugar
Mix all ingredients together. Form tiny balls and set on baking sheet. remember to let enough space between each ball otherwise they will stick together. Bake at 180°C until golden brown on top. Let cool down.
Recipe II
250 gram desiccated coconut flakes 200 gram sugar 4 egg whites
Beat egg whites with sugar and a bit of salt until marshmallow-y. Then carefully add the coconut flakes. Form little heaps with a teaspoon and place on cookie sheet. Bake for about 5 minutes at 200°C until tips begin to be brown. Reduce heat to 180°C and bake for another 5 minutes.
Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008
In our family the pictured cookies above are called "Kokoskuppeln" I am sorry I have no porpper translation for this. The are made out of leftovers during Christmas cookie baking. You simply use the dough of Schokotörtchen or Butterkeks which cannot be rolled out as thin as needed. Cut out bigger circles and set them aside. Then you take one left over cookie round fill with left over buttercream and top with the coconut cookies from recipe one. Lastly you cover the bottom with melted chocolate. Let me tell you they taste divine!!

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - Mandelstangerl

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008

Mandelstangerl - Almond sticks

100 gram sugar 250 gram flour 100 gram butter 100 gram ground almonds 1/16l milk 1/2 package baking powder
Knead all ingredients together. Refrigerate over night. Roll out dough and cut out longish cookies (you can also use and cookie cutter that pleases you). Bake at 180°C. Let cool, Fill with jam of your liking and dip in melted chocolate or drizzle with melted chocolate.

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - Butterkeks

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008

Butterkeks - Butter Cookies

560 gram flour 280 gram butter 28o gram sugar 4 egg yolks zest and jucie of 1 lime
Knead all ingredients together. Refrigerate over night. Roll out dough. Cut with cooki cutter of your liking, Brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with sugar. This is a very easy peasy recipe. But we like it a lot and it is one of our standard cookies for xmas. This makes a lot of cookies.

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Toesday with Salome

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="It is furry impawtant to keep your pawsies clean,..."]It is furry impwatant to keep your pawsies clean,...[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="See my toesies are cute and all shiny now!"]See my toesies are cute and all shiny now![/caption]

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Mancat Monday

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008
It is a ManCat duty to help and snoopervize your Momma with cookie baking. See, here I am on patrol to see if she did everything right. In the very bottom of the picture you can see some coconut cookies and to my left side you can see almond sticks ready and waiting to be put in the oven. Momma hopes that she can blog all the recipes for the cookies she maded this weekend some time this week on hers foodblog.
Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008
Boy! I tell ya I am soo tired out from all the helping I need a looong nap now!
Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008
What? No, I can't help to finish the cookies right now. I am too worn out. What? Mrs Q. will come on Tuesday AGAIN so you can finish the cookies? I guess I need to hide somewhere then....


While I am napping I am purring and purraying and sending good vibes to all our friends in need. Too many of thems right now!

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Christmas Cards...

X-mas click for a bigger image

Dear friends,

we have something to tell you all: First: Let us say thank you so much to all of you who have sent Christmas cards to us. We were very happy about each and every single one and we will keep them treasured!! Second: You all know that there are a lot of our friends needing green papers to cover huge V-E-T bills right now (see all the auctions and raffles taking place at the CB and throughout the innernets). Third: Momma was saving money to pay for the stamps and postage to send out Christmas Cards to our friends this year too. We maded a furry nice card on our own Momma could print out for all our friends. BUT: We put our heads together (Gree and Pepi were even here to help with thinking) and we decided after quite some discussions that we will not send out these cards this year. Instead we asked Momma to use this money to send to Miles Meezer and Billy Gingersnap to cover theirs V-E-T bills to make thems feel better soon. So they received three donations in the name of each one of us and we hope our tiny green papers will help thems! Please, we hope you - our friends - who sent cards already are not too disappointed to not get one back this year. We purrromise you'll get one for sure next year! k? We know there are a lot of other friends who need money too but the saved money was only a tiny amount so we had to decide on one. With Meezer Dad being without werk again and two cats being sick we thought it was the right decission. We love you all! P.S: We will send out purrsonalized e-mails with our card to our friends tho!kashim

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Finally Friday

Kashim: Boy am I glad it is Friday!! I am really worn out from this week!
2008 12 08
Salome: ...and here for your viewing pleasure, purrty ME:
2008 12 08
Othello: Huh? what? can't you see I am not here!
2008 12 08

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Christmas Cookie Baking Madness 2008 - Schokotörtchen

Christmas Cookie Baking Mania 2008

Schokotörtchen - Chocolate Tartlettes

270 gram flour 200 gram margarine 110 sugar 2 egg yolks 100 gram ground chocolate
Mix all ingredientes together until a smooth dough forms. Refrigerate over night. Roll out dough and (better) use a round cookie cutter. Bake at 180°C. Let cool. Fill with buttercream. Decorate with a drop of melted chocolate. Buttercream:
250 ml milk 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon cornstarch 250 gram butter 30 gram sugar
Combine milk, egg yolks and cornstarch. Stir over medium heat until smooth. Let cool. Mix butter with sugar until creamy, then add cooled mixture. Makes a small batch of cookies. The buttercream is enough to fill about 4 batches of cookies.

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Mancat Movie Monday

The 8th of Dec is a hollyday in Austria so Momma was home today. Well at least that was what she was supposed to be. Instead she wented to her friend again to spend some time with the babyboybean again (he is nearly 14 month now and a cutie she says, well we like him too and Kashim even lets him pet his furs sometimes.) When she was there she met our friends Spot and Cindy too. In the above movie you can see Spot while our Momma is petting him. As you can see he is a real big mancat, he does not fit too good on the cat tree. Did you see his big mancatly paws? At the very end you can see his sister Cindy too. She is a lot smaller then him and she is quite purrty too, isn't she? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a nice Monday!

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Easy on Sunday and WCB

Weekend Cat Blogging #183
We are still here. Just a little bit too busy again. We will be back with a post here this evening or tomorrow.... Meanwhile please check our WCB post on Momma's bloggie!! We loves you all!

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Wordless Wednesday

*pssst* this is ME - Sally - speaking: ME knows that it's wordless Wednesday today but ME wanted to tell yous that ME was thinking real hard about how to keeps Moki warm and ME knows the warmestest place in the whole world here is the Lady's dryer, so ME made her make it real warm and then all of us gotted Moki in there with us to keep hims warm and snuggly. We will keeps purrayin' and purring for hims. Anycat wanna join us in the catnap piling in the dryer?

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Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday
It's furry mancatly to help your Momma with her kitchen cores by taste testing!

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Easy Like Sunday... II

Easy like Sunday...
Momma is back from her breakfast with friends and after she put her pumpkin bread in the oven she finally has time to help us blog again. As we told you in our WCB post yesterday we have the first snow of the year and it is quite old outside. We are so glad we all are inside only cats and are very warm and toasty in Momma's bed or - like Sally - in the cat tree with some fleece blankies. Oh and Kashim was - of course - taste-testing the pumpkin bread as soon as it came out of the oven.
Picnik collage
He says: 5 paws up!

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Easy Like Sunday...

Momma is off to have breakfast with her friends again. Meanwhile we will leave you with some LOL Cats we found this morning....
funny pictures of cats with captions
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Momma will help us blog our Easy like Sunday post later, when she is back ... with all the snow outside did we mention that we are _so_ glad we are cats and donÄt need to go out to see friends?!

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Fierce Fighter Friday

So we are remembering our angel brofur Paul today. we never met him 'CCause he camed before us and was Momma's soul companion who showed hers how to love cats. A while ago Momma wroted down hist story, you can read it here. Sorry for plainly recycling the story Momma wroted down but we think it is all said there and we have no other words... Oh we nearly forgotted: a few says after writing down the story of Paul she wroted an additional blog post called thoughts of a cat momma. She still feels like she wrote then:
I miss him. I still do. Every day. Every day I see the boys - Kashim & Othello - curl up in his favourite places. Whenever Othello pets his paw in my face. Whenever Othello comes to sleep on my chest near my face. It hurts. It still hurts. I think it will always hurt to think of him. But at the same time, when my eyes go wet while thinking of him, a smile comes onto my face while I think of his gentle nature and how often he comforted me. At this moments I sure can feel his paw petting my cheek and his purr near my ear.

Whiskers & Purrs are sponsorin' Fierce Fighter Day today in honor of Felix and all of Those Who Came Before who fought illnesses or any other struggles. Check their blog for more details.

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Wordless Wednesday

Moki is still not out of the Danger Zone, his temp dropped again dangerously last night but all our hopes are within his ER VET to find out what is wrong and how tha help hims.

We is gonna go nap piling to keep hims warm and purraying again at hims place. Please join us!

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Carnival of the Cats #244


Welcome Kitties!

It's the Carnival of the Cats! It's fun! It's free! And it's fur kitties only! Welcome to Vienna, the famous city on the blue Danube. Originally we wanted to take you yet again to the always fun bearing Vienna Prater but with the recent scary news about Moki and the whole CB purring and purraying for hims we decided to gather all kitties in the famous Cafe Halweka to continue those purring and positive thoughts. This is where we are located this Sunday Evening:
So many kitties joined us and we all gathered up in the seats above. To keep those good thoughts towards Moki flowing we shared stories:
  • From Cyprus Tessie joined us and talked about copycats and the cat on the mat.
  • The House of Chaos told us about "Motherly Love" what could be more appropriate?
  • Mimi was lovely and besides resting she came to cuddle with us at the cafe.
  • Blue, Blue, Blue...what are we going to do with you? says her Mommie Katie. We says send him over to the cafe and we will show her some manners! *hehe*
  • Hanuka is sitting around and working on a good mood. How come intruders are on mommies bed?
  • Henry is trying to align his whiskers with the butterfly's antennae. If this does not cheer you up a bit, what else?
  • Some serious tree climbing adventure is going on over here.
  • Phoebe was showing us the art of playing with yarn. A very talented kitty indeed!
  • Morris was on adventures with his cat cam. He really had interesting tales to tell for alla us!
  • Hi and Mischief are taking it easy. cuddling, sleeping, drinking water in the bathtub... aaah what a life!
  • Mog and her kitties Cece (here again Cece) and Meowza were up and about with adventures all week, we tell ya!
  • Even from Elms in the Yard in Jerusalem kitties came to join us.
  • A Lesson on Caturday would we learn here. Learning is good, ain't it?
  • Our lovely Parker showed us her new bloggie design and asks: Whatdaya think? Well we said Pefectly! - of course!
  • Friends Furever share some stories and pics about cousin Trooper, who stays with them while his mom is away.
  • At Stranger Ranger Ivy is on the road to recovery! YAY!
  • Tristan says: All I can say is, I'm flabbergasted.
  • Lovely Diamond shares a magical T13: Sometimes, we can find magic in the most common of places.
  • Ernie and Wally were having a serious mancat conversation pondering about the question "should cats be up on the stove? - We wonder what Zoey was doing meanwhile?
  • Rocky was chanting with us: Get well Moki! Fight Moki!
  • Samantha and Mr Tigger were totally nipped out but despite all were purring and purraying while meditating for Moki.
  • The guys from the Cat Realm were asking us for some help and of course we came and helped them.
  • Helping get feral cats fixed is a very good thing to do. We agree about that. fully. period.
This concludes this edition of Carnival of the Cats. We hope we did not forget any of our guest but if we did - accidentially - please let us know in the comments and we will add as quick as possible. Meanwhile join us at the Hawelka, snuggle up on a comfy place and enjoy these:
cotc1 cotc2 cotc3
Next Week the Carnival is at Artsy Catsy! And of course all our thoughts, positive vibes and purrayers continue to go to Moki:

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