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Easy like Sunday...

Spot Spot napping the Sunday away in a basket.

This picture above of our furriend Spot (kitty boy of Mrs Q and the babyboybean Darian) was taken awhile ago but Momma likes it very much so we agreed to post it here since we like Spot too and his Momma does not show many pic of his handsome mancatness on hers bloggie anymore.

We have been busy with hosting WCB - well Kashim has been - since he wouldn't let us - me and Sally - help with hosting.

And momma was baking and fussing in the kitchen as always. We also needs lots of rest after the visit of Mrs Q and fambly. Don't get us wrong we do not mind them bisiting but since we are good hosts we are always lacking lots of napping time afterwards...

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Croissants ala BBB

BBB's Croissants

The Bread Baking Babes are in town again. This time it is Katie from Thyme for Cooking in France who chose the theme and therefore is the Kitchen Babe of the Month. She challenged her fellow babes with... yes you guess it! - Croissants! I can tell you it is worth to wander around and visit the fabulous Babes and their croissants. Mmmmmmh! Mouthwatering! Delicious! I am always a bit in  worry when it comes to bake things that have to be formed nicely and have to stay that way through proofing and baking... but as you can see from thr pics above the dough was wonderful to work with did not fail me. After reading through all the Babe's blogs I decided to lean a  bit more against Mary's version than the original posted by Katie (hope you can forgive me, tho Katie). The only exception - as always: I used spelt flour instead of wheat and did two more turns. As it was about 11 pm yesterday when I was done with the turns I put the dough in the fridge and finished making the croissants this morning 6 am. I did three different versions:

Bread Baking Babes' croissants

Plain croissants, Pain au Chocolate (with dark mint chocolate) and ones with incorporated cinnamon (especially for Mrs Q. who loves cinnamon but does not fancy croissants...) I cut the rising time a bit knowing that my dough with spelt flour would not hold the shape as long as the wheat versions. I am pretty pleased with the layers tho:

Bread Baking Babes' croissants

Vive la croissant! :) Be sure to visit the Bread Baking Babes: Notitie Von Lien (Lien), My Kitchen In Half-Cups (Tanna), Bake My Day (Karen), Cookie Baker Lynn (Lynn),I like To Cook (Sara) , A Fridge Full Of Food..And Nothing To Eat (Glenna), Lucullian Delights (Ilva), Grain Doe (Gorel), The Sour Dough (Mary aka Breadchick), Living On Bread And Water (Monique), Thyme For Cooking (Katie)

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Rye Bread with Cheese

breadbakingday #16 bbd #16 -  Bread with Cheese hosted by High on the Hog The task for this round of bbd was, as stated on the host blog:
Any recipe you choose is fine as long as it incorporate cheese as a major flavor. Want to bake the bread and add the cheese later? Go ahead, I have nothing against grilled cheese sandwiches or quesidillas.
So I was thrilled when I flipped through the issue 2009/01 of "Kochen und Küche" an Austrian food magazine and saw that they featured several bread recipes. AND they even used rye and spelt mostly so I needn't bother with substituting wheat and the likings... I lost my heart at a recipe called "Käsebrot" (translated it would simply be "Cheese bread") made basically with rye, sourdough and spelt. So I frolickingly reached into my fridge to have an appointment with Harry (my rye sourdough) and give him some nice feedings to make him cooperate with my planned bread baking. Well Harry was a little naughty and didn't want to cooperate at first but after some serious talks between the two of us and some extra power feedings he decided to give in just when I was up and about to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mary.
bbd#16 - rye bread with cheese
So after Harry finally decided to play nicely I went on with the bread baking:
150 gram sourdough (I used rye sourdough) 150 gram rye flour 400 gram whole rye flour 350 gram spelt flour 20 gram active yeast 200 gram hard cheese (I used Grana Padano) 30 gram salt 1 TB coriander seed 1 TB fennel seed 3 TB flaxseed 3 EL olive oil 300 ml water, warm
The day before baking: Mix, sourdough with all the water and 150 gram rye flour. The next morning: Mix all ingredients and let rest for 4 hours in a warm place. Knead again and let rest until dough has doubled. Knead a third time, form a loaf and let rest for about another 30 minutes. Transfer to baking sheet, brush with water and bake at 250 °C for about 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 190°C and bake for another 50 minutes. That's it!

My thoughts:

The dough was very dry and therefore a bit hard to work with. I added additional water. I think next time I'd only use 200 gram whole rye and about 200 gram spelt or rise the amount of water drastically. The taste is good tho. I slight aftertaste of sourdough and cheese. Not to much but enough to notice it. The crumb is s bit dense but it think this is due to the lacking amount of water... I should have added a bit more water as I already did. Otherwise it was really easy to work with and tastes good. It's not perfect tho. :) I think this would also be nice to made into bread rolls.

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Weekend Cat Blogging #190 - updated

WCB #190 Kashim Hey Kitties, it's me Kashim hosting WCB this weekend! If you want to join in please leave your link in the comments. Me and Momma will try to do several updates through the weekend and have one final update Sunday evening! For other weekend cat activities visit: Good evening mancats and ladies, beans, humans and fellow foodbloggers, lets begin with the weekend cat blogging fun: 000Thursday+13 034 452074_1167964387 806268_1225553399 dscn5735 dscn5753.thumbnail dscn5757.thumbnail Vincent_2_111908
  • Miz Mog and her kitties Cece and Meowza are joining us again this weekend. Awww we can't imagine a weekend without thems. Oh and Sally says *hi* to Meowza *hehe*
  • Vincent = Gladys Kravitz? You decide. Over at Judi's!
460267165_tehgn-M IMGP0819 Mumu+Bed+1 suzhou_cat That's it for this evening! You still have all Sunday to join us so please keep the linkies coming! gree-fixingfurs pepi_012009 2009-01-24-0001-640 Tis was the Sunday part so far. If you still want to join in just leave your link in the comments below!

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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
This is a reason to be very thankful for: Momma boughted new real life dead beefs for us. See:
Thankful Thursday
This is me making sure Momma does everything right with cutting up the real life dead beefs into little pieces form hims. With not many teefs left he needs little pieces to chew on...
Thankful Thursday hehe yeah and here you caughted me while I was taste testing. I approved the real life dead beef as fresh and yummy and tolded Momma to go on and put it in our dish.
Thankful Thursday
Well, there was one thing we were not too thankful for, as you can see above she putted most of the beef in little plastic bags and putted thems away. DUHR! BUT: we have enough left to share some wif you. Anyone fancy a real life dead beef feast? hehe

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Irish Cottage Pie

Irish Cottage Pie

Irish Cottage Pie

300 gram ground beef 3 big powdery potatoes 1 large onion 2 tbsp flour 2 cups beef stock a handful of mixed vegetables mixed herbs (dried basil, rosemary and thyme) milk
  • Brown the beef in a frying pan. There is no need to add oil, as the meat is fatty enough.
  • Finely chop the onion and lightly fry in a little butter until clear. Add the onions to the beef along with the mixed herbs and some pepper.
  • Sprinkle the flour over the mixture and stir and cook for 3 - 4 minutes Cover with beef stock and simmer for 30 minutes.
  • Irish Cottage PieIrish Cottage PieIrish Cottage PieIrish Cottage Pie
  • Meanwhile:
    • Peel, chop and boil the potatoes for 20 minutes until cooked.
    • Once the meat is cooked, skim off the excess fat, then boil rapidly to reduce the liquid until it just covers the mince and onions.
    • Drain the potatoes very well until completely dry. Mash until smooth and free of any lumps.
    • Add butter to the mashed potato, taste and adjust the seasoning.
    • Add enough milk to make the mash very soft (heavy mash will not float properly on top of the mince).
  • Put beef mixture in a shallow oven proof dish. Spread the mash on top of the meat and brush the tops of the potatoes with melted butter.
  • Cook in a hot oven for about 30-50 minutes until the top is golden brown.
  • Irish Cottage PieIrish Cottage PieIrish Cottage PieIrish Cottage PieIrish Cottage Pie
I prepared this yesterday for today's lunch at work and the amount is more than enough to feed three hungry adults. To my opinion we could have easily shared with a forth person without ending up hungry. You can also add cheese to the mashed potatoes or sprinkle cheese on top before baking but to my opinion it would make the dish even more filling. I was amazed how good it was to warm up in the microwave at work. We all agreed this dish to be a keeper for our Lunch Club @ work!

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Harry oh Harry!! The uncooperative sourdough...

Harry oh Harry!
This is Harry. He is my rye sourdough I made after Mary's recipe and let me tell you this boy has made me some great breads! But currently he got at little lazy and greedy. The picture above shows him after actually 2 days of power feeding but he does not seem very active to me. He smells ok tho, but I can't spot much activity. I have to admit he had to sit and wait a few weeks in the back of my fridge now because of the holiday season and me not being home much and then being sick and not cooking or baking much. Is the a reason to turn so bad on me? So what do I do with this greedy little sourdough? Any suggestions?


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Easy like Sunday... sorry no recipe tho

2009 01 18
The pic I took after today's breakfast at Mrs Q.'s was just too tempting... We had a wonderful breakfast with yummmmy home made pretzel rolls, smokes salmon trout, salami, liver pâté and wonderful Cafe Latte too.
2009 01 18
After lunch we celebrated Mr T.'s birthday (he had on Thursday) again and Mrs Q. made wonderful Sachertorte (with Whiskey) - again: YUMMMMY!

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Easy like Sunday...

Easy like Sunday... Yes Momma was at Mr T.'s and Mrs Q.'s to have Sunday Breakfast an' Lunch. Next Sunday they all will come ofur to us, with the sticky little bean... well I do not mind hims too much as long as Mr T. rubs ma tummeh! Oh speaking of tummeh rubbing an' such: Easyy like Sunday More Easy like Sunday? Visit DivaKitty Sophia!

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Kitties, kitties what have you been doing all day long?

kitties, kitties what havew you been doing? Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz - Zzzznooozing the day away...

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Weekend Cat Blogging #189

Our friends Miz Mog, Meowza and Cece are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend. Thank you guys!
wcb #189
Salome insists that she should be featured this weekend at WCB and we obeyed to her wish. What else could we do anyway
Kashim: So for your all viewing pleasure here is Salome. That's what she did the whole afternoon today. Snuggling with momma in bed, while momma was writing and surfin the innernets and well chatting with Mom Robyn too. Othello: We saw Sally snuggle with Momma the whole night too. She was sleeping on her arm with her hiney next to Momma's face... Kashim and me decided we'd rather sleep on our most favoritest places and let them snuggle by themselves... Salome does not do that to often (sleep with MommaI) se we figured it was ok. Salome says: Hi Meowza! ::blushes:: *giggle* Kashim and Othello: *rolls eyes* silly sisfurs!! Kashim: Oh and please do not forget, next weekend I will host WCB #190 here!! Now we leave you with Sally:
2009 01 17 She will whap us for posting this tho...

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Godspeed Meep!

Farewell Meep! Meep

We cannot say anfor goodbye so we say: 'till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!

We just learned that another two of our bloggin' friends left us for the Rainbow Bridge as well this week, we will meet you all there one day friends!!

Bow-RIP-400 PooPoo-RIP-300
Like Mom Robyn saided to us yesserday, sometimes it is so hard to visit the CB in fear to haf to say yet anofur goodbye to one of our friends!
We are sending out warm hugs to our friends and their families! free hugs insights group(1)

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Finally Friday

Finally Friday Thank god it's Friday!! Momma will be home tomorrow, she will abandon us tho for part of Sunday a'CCause she goes to spend the day with the guys who come here to eat breakfast and lunch every other Sunday... she calls thems her friends. Well I guess they are not too bad tho. The man who comes with the sticky little bean and Mrs Q is real good a cuddling and scritching and gives loads of good belleh rubs. He hadded Purrrfday yesserday so I say "Happy belated Purrrfday Mr T., you can come rub my tummy any time!!"

Be sure not to miss the weekend activities:

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Soft White Bread from "Bäcker Süpke"

Soft White Bread
A lot of my fellow German foodbloggers have been making breads following recipes from Bäcker Süpke. I never was too much interested to try one of these yet and I had a lot of breads to try out in my bookmarks already so I didn't want to add yet another source of links to it too. But when I read about his current bread I just knew I had to give it a go the very instant I read about it. Why you might ask? Well because me really loves soft white bread. This love I share with Mr T and Mr Q. She and me are always on the hunt for a perfect recipe to make this storebought UK bread you can buy everywhere in GB and Ireland and which we fell in love with long time ago. So I simply had to give it a go. Plus it seemed so easygoing too. No fuss with rising times and such. It even fits into my every day working schedule as well - makes me love the bread beforehand as well. *hehe* Here is the recipe how I did it (makes 2 loaves according to Bäcker Süpke, depends on how big your bread pans are tho, mine are quite small):
Sponge: * 200 gram wheat flour (I used spelt) * 4 gram salt * 3 gram yeast (fresh) * 150 gram water
Simply whip together all ingredients and let rest at room temperature for about 2 hours. After that put it in the fridge for at least 16 hours. Astrid: Actually I made this before I went to bed the day before I wanted to bake the bread. When I came home from work the other day I continued to work on the bread:
sponge 485 gram wheat flour (I used spelt) 11 gram salt 14 gram sugar 60 gram butter 30 gram yeast 210 gram milk
Knead the dough througly. Let rest 10 minutes. The dough should have a temperature at about 26-28°C and should not be too mellow. Do not let rest too long. Form a thread and cut into half and then into 4 equal pieces (see pics here). You might want to coat the individual pieces with water to prevent them from falling apart afterwards before transferring them into a buttered or oiled bread pan. Let rise for about 20-30 minutes. Preheat your oven to 230°C. Bake for 30 minutes with steam at 200°C. Final baking time depends on your oven tho. This is how my bread turned out so far:
Soft white bread from Bäcker Süpke Please ignore Kashim paws, he inists on helping in the kitchen lately!

My thoughts:

I made this bread twice so far and we really liked it. First time I made it I followed the instructions of Bäcker Süpke quite strictly, except for the flour of course. I turned out very well. The only thing we did not like was a slight too yeasty aftertaste when the bread was eaten untoasted. If you toast it the aftertaste went away nearly completely. So second time I made it I tweaked the recipe a bit (my apologies to the master baker): I used 20 gram yeast instead of 30 and let it rise a bit longer (not too long tho). I liked the second batch better as the yeasty taste was totally gone. The crumb was perfect tho and it toasted really well. The recipe and bread itself is definitely a keeper! Thank you Bäcker Süpke!

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We loves you Daisy!

daisy_award_big Thanks to Skeezix, for this wonderful graphic! We loves Daisy's Blog. We cannot imagine not visiting her daily. To read her adventures. Even if we do not comment daily *pokes Momma* She always puts a smile on our and Momma's face whether we read her Sunday Comics or Fashion Friday or Movie Monday or whatever she has to say. We simply loves her! We know she won't win over Cute Ocerload or I can Haz Cheeseburger (we love to visit this site too but we loves Daisy more)  in this blog award contest but to us she simply is the best bloggin cat there is in this innernets. But it is not only the content of her wonderful (pink) blog. Daisy also always leaves nice and thoughtful comments everywhere she goes and we loves to see her around and are proud that she visits us that often and keeps commenting on our blog.

Way to go Daisy (and Daisy's Mom of course) & Thank you!

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Wordless Wednesday

2009 01 13

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Mancat Monday? No! hehehe

Salome and Othello 2009 01 11

*hihihi* this is supposed to be Mancat Monday, right?

But ME has taken ofur the bloggie and sneaked a post to show you this cutest pic of ME. The Ladey says ME looks like a little kitten and noone can seem ME ginnormus butt and belleh... ME finks the second part is kinda rude from her but ME guesses ME will forgive her anyway... She is a nice Ladey after all! Anyhoo. ME brofur Pepi rather'd have another brofur than anofur sisfur so ME was working hard to act mancatly so ME can be a honorary prentend-to-be brofur for hims. ME likes hims furry much., we wants him to likes me too!

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Carnival of the Cats #252

cotc 252 Kashim: We are glad to have to honor to host CotC here in Vienna again. Welcome all kitties and Beans! Othello: First we wanted to have yet another bisit to the Vienna Prater and haf lots of fun there, but look it was freaking cold  wif snow and stuff this weekend so we decided to take yall for a trip through the cold snowy Vienna... Salome: See we were to lots of fun places wif our furriends.  Now with any further ado lets see who joined us this freakin' cold Sunday night: China Cat and her sister Willow joined us first. We had lots of fun at the wintery, icy Danube (a big big river which runs through Vienna and is lots of fun when you can play THoE in the ice in Winter).  Our brofur Pepi joined us too but then his feetsies went all cold and he went back to snuggle wif Mini to get his feetsies all warm again. Next we went ofur the roofs of snowy Vienna and along with us came this guy we met at Elms in the Yard. From Ellison came another handsome kitty along who recently got hooked on Facebook (*eeek*).  Poor little Mimi (on the very right above) was not very pleased so we took her along to cheer hers up a bit. Off we went to the wonderful scenery of the Gloriete here in Vienna. (it even has a restureant there where we could warm or feetsies and nip some warm egg nog and kitty grogg). Buttercup was lounging on the Buffet. Henry has been feeling sickly lately so we maded sure that he is all warm and cosy and gotted some catnip tea.  Meanwhile Hobbes hogged the heater... Skating? Yeah! We have lots of fun place to skate in Vienna! One of the best places is in front of the Vienna Rathaus (City Hall). This litte kitten and it's sibling came along too.  Sox, who sadly left for the Rainbowbridge recently and is sadly missend by all the others of the TT&TOT Gang, was watching over us and we took a moment to think of hims and sented some good thoughs and purrs his way. Ollie even putted on his warm hat before he joined us. Cute huh? Next we decided to take a hike through the famous Wiener Wald a truly peaceful site in the middle of hectic Vienna. Nosey first went with us but then decided it was too cold and went back into her warm and cos box again.  Mr Jones found a very cosy place as well after all that hiking stress.  Rosie brought along tissue paper as she recedntly found out where her Mom has hided the supply. Back we went over the roofs of snowy Vienna and were joined by Miz Mog, Meowza and Cece. We were not finished yet as more and more kitties are arriving and we had yet to show Miz Mog and kitties where we have been before... Phoebe came from Ohio to show us her beautimouse portrait, Maggie and Scamper were wresslin' on the ice and Sammie Pie and Mr Tigger came all the way from sunny Florida to chilly Vienna.  Hehe we hope it wan't too cold for you Florida kitty friends! Another round of hiking through the snow began when Maddie arrived.  Followed by Sir Tristan Tabby Cat LongtailDiamond Emerald-Eyes hisself accompanied by his sister who brought along 13 friends from the countryside. Last but certainly not least we stopped by again at the Vienna Citty Hall to collect all our kitty friends together and even some new faces showed up: Freya who came with her war fuzzy snuggle and Denali. Kashim: This concludes the CotC #252 in Vienna for now! Othello: We hopes we did not forge anycat. If we did by accident, please drop us a line in the comments and we will add you as soon as possible! Salome: Next weeks Carnival is hosted by Cats in Maryland! We hopes yall had fun!

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Glitter Graphics

Hugs Glitter Pictures

The Meezers are right. *hugs* are never wrong... Momma says he has not been following the discussions and we agree that we will not begin with it. Granma always says if don't haf to say no nice things just say nothing at all... Just one thing: we love each and every one of our friends in the CB and we value your opinions -whether we agree or not! Nuf said. Love and Peace and lots hugs to alla you!!

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Salome Saturday

Salome The Lady says ME has a habit wif tha bath tube. Hey what if? ME like to jump in there and wander around. ME feetsies make a funny sound when ME is in it... kind click click click... Oh hi Meowza, does ME look cute in this pic? ::blush::


ME does not like when someone makes the water run or even drip... while ME is IN the bath tube. ME then jumps out wif a loud meow of disapprovement.




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Weekend Cat Blogging #188

WCB 188 Hi, I am Kashim. This week it is my turn again to do a WCB post on Momma's blog. For WCB initially a lot of FoodBloggers around the world came together and shared their favorite cat stories and pics for the weekend. Sadly over the last year(s) there are only few FoodBloggers left who join in on Weekend Cat Blogging. One of this friends are LB and his Mom Breadchick Mary from The Sourdough. LB is our host for this weekend as well. So if you want to leave a link ad participate in WCB go here. Another one who I want to greet personally today is Rosa of Rosas Yummy Yums with her kitties Maruschka and Fridolin. She joins in every single weekend and we are always happy to read their posts and her thoughtful comments. Kashim exploring the cat condo (Sally's realm) Over the last two years a lot of our catblogging friends joined us in WCB so we are not so very lonely but to be honest we miss our foodblogging friends who once were a part of WCB. Back to the kitty blogging right? Kashim exploring the cat condo (Sally's realm) This is me checking out the cat condo part this brat Salome now claims as her own. She is there nearly all the time and keeps hissing ans whapping if I come to near. She was snuggling with Momma tho when I checked it out so I saw my chance coming and sneaked in her privacy. hehe
I am a smart kitty boy huh? Momma was back to work this week although she is not a 100% on the mend again after being sick with a flu. We missed her lots, we miss snuggling with her and hers giving belleh rubs and stuff. We do not like the guy named work she goes off to play with every day! I need to go now and get some quality prime time snuggling in advance to make up for next week when she goes off th play with Mr work again.... Next weekend our friend Miz Mog and her kitties will be hosting WCB. This weekend you could also join:

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Food-o-grafie #2 - Objektive / Lenses

foodografie #2 Oh yes I am late, late, late again! My apology? Well first I was sick mostly during the holiday season and second I didn't want to participate in this round at all 'CCause with my small compact camera there is not too much to say about lenses I thought... Then I read Lien's post and thought "Oh yes she is right I could do it this way" - actually the deadline was yesterday so I am way beyond deadline... but I wanted to post it anyway... My little Cybershot has some out of the box functions I like to use. I've set the Digital Zoom to Precision (the other possibility would be "smart" whatever that means, I did recognize a difference in the pics tho). I learned at Lien's post that there is something called "White Balance" (yes I am a photographic nerd) so I went to look for it and found it. Mine was set to automatic. You have several other possibilities like, daylight, cloudy, flourescent, Incandescent and flash... I need to play around with them a bit. When I do food photography I like to use "soft snap" which is described as "shoot object with soft background" and if I need a close up I additionally use the macro setting as well. My kitchen as not very much daylight so I have to do most of my pics by artificial light (as I mostly am working in my kitchen in the evenings where the natural lightning as worse than ever...). My food pics could be way better and definitely need enhancement but most of the time I do not have the time and patience to put more effort in taking pics... Need to work on my patience as well I guess.... LOL Here are some examples I kinda like (you can see the EXIF Data if you click on the pic to go to the corresponding Flickr page and thenclick the more properties link to the right):
Grilled Chicken with mushrooms and cheesy-rice DSC03002 DSC03290
See? I said they need improvement. The composition is not very good and oh well...
Other posts in this category: [postsincategory#535]

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Sourdough croissants

sourdough croissants
I think I was gawking through foodgawker when I came across this recipe of sourdough croissants and immediately found the idea intriguing. I had some sourdough left after I made bread recently and so I remembered this bookmark. I altered the dough a bit but mainly I followed the instructions given here.
The Dough 300 grams milk at about 105 degrees 100 grams ripe starter at 130% hydration 1 tsp instant yeast 300 grams spelt flour 200 grams rice flour 60 grams unsalted butter, softened 15 grams sugar 10 grams salt 200 grams unsalted butter, chilled
It was easier than I thought and I had fun playing with the dough. I found out it is easily to be left sitting in the fridge snippling parts off of it as needed for breakfast... and bake fresh heavenly tasting and smelling little croissants filled with jam.
To me this one definitely is a keeper and a great way to use left over sourdough... :)

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Finally Friday

null Othello and Salome sharing the cat condo It is furry nice to share the cat condo with our siblings.  Salome likes to be on the very top and Momma putted us fuzzy warm balkits ther too to snuggle, 'CCause when it is feakin' cold outside the walls get quite chilly... We are glad it is Friady already. Momma isn't fully recovered from being ill but she gotted to work already and we finkds she needs some quality prime snuggling... plus we are hosting The Carnival of the Cats here this Sunday,  so please keep your submissons coming we will have lots and lots of fun! Oh and please do not forget the Bad Kitty Cats Festival - we are a little bit sad that there haf not been very much entries lately... Up for sum weekend fun?

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bbd #16 - Bread with Cheese

breadbakingday #16 #16 January 2009 bbd #16 - Bread with Cheese hosted by High on the Hog Deadline: February 1st, 2009
Any recipe you choose is fine as long as it incorporate cheese as a major flavor. Want to bake the bread and add the cheese later? Go ahead, I have nothing against grilled cheese sandwiches or quesidillas. After you post your cheese with bread baking experience on your blog, send your entry to me, at Tblackthorne AT gmail DOT com, with the following information: Subject line of the email should begin with BBD16.
  1. Kindly include in English the following details:Your name, Your location, Your website's name, your bread's name and URL of the posting the bread(s) you chose to make
  2. Finally, attach a photo of your creation, size does not matter I will resize as needed (bigger is better).
  3. If your blog is not in English, then please send me a translation of your post in English or create the BBD post on your blog in English.
  4. If you do not have a blog but would like to be a part of this event, please send me your recipe and write-up (with picture, if possible) and I will include it in the round-up.
The deadline is the 1st of Febuary and I should have the roundup posted by the 5th.
See an overview of all previous roundups here at Kochtopf.

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Wordless Wednesday

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Blogging is sooo exhausting.... "][/caption]

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Toesies on Toesday

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Momma Astrid: I love how Kashim holds his back toes when he is sleeping..."]I love how Kashim holds his back toes when he is sleeping...[/caption] Yes it is Toesday those are mine - Kashim - handsum toesies. Now I need a good nap. Maybe I will go to the M-Cats Club after my nap to have some niptinis and play cards with Pepi and Mr Tigger and all the other mancats of course... Napping is most impawtant! Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz.................

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Three Kings Day with Kings Cake

King Cake 2009 Zorra, the food-event queen, is hosting a "Make your own King Cake" event for Three Kings Day. I halfed the original recipe and made a smaller cake because it was only me who would eat it today... Click the logo on the right to go to the event page and submit your own King Cake!
I would like to know your king cake and family tradition on the Three Kings Day. You have no family tradition? Bake a traditional Galette des rois, Roscón de Reyes, Bolo Rei, King Cake, Dreikönigskuchen or give your fantasy full scope and create your very own King Cake as I did last year.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="We do not have a tradition for Ephiphany, so I leaned towards the Swiss version"]We do not have a tradition for Ephiphany, so I leaned towards the Swiss version[/caption] I found a version of the Swiss Dreikönigskuchen here.
300 gram spelt flour 75 gram rice flour 35 gram brown sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt Grind skin of one lime 60 gram butter 150 ml milk 15 gram yeast 1 egg 100 gram dried cranberries 1 token (e.g. a dried bean)
  1. Mix flour, sugar, salt and lemon in a bowl. Melt the butter and add the cold milk. Add yeast. Stir the egg and add flour mix. Knead to a soft dough. Add cranberries and the token and distribute them evenly in the dough.
  2. Tear dough apart and form six or eight pieces the size of a fist. You may form one bigger piece as the center piece of the cake. Arrange the pieces around the center piece as shown in the picture above. Place the cake of a well buttered form.
  3. Let grow in a warm place until the size has doubled. Let cool for about one hour. Before baking, sweep with the yellow of an egg.
  4. Bake for about 40 to 50 minutes in the lower part of the pre-heated oven at about 225 degree Celsius (440 degree Fahrenheit).
So the token was left to me alone 'tough I did not have it yet (there is still half of the cake in the kitchen, maybe for tomorrows breakfast...) In our family there is no tradition or special interest in the 6th of January and I do not know of a special type of baked good to be made in Austria too. Usually on the 6th of January the Christmas tree would be taken down by us children and my father and all the Christmas decorations would be stored in boxes to go in the attic for the rest of the year... What I know is that in Ireland this day is called Little Christmas or Women's Christmas. As I read about it, I think I like the idea:
Little Christmas, or Nollaig Bheag in Irish, is one of the traditional names in Ireland for January 6, more commonly known in the rest of the world as the Epiphany. It is so called because it was the day on which Christmas Day was celebrated under the Roman calendar, before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. It is the traditional end of the Christmas season and the last day of the Christmas holidays. Little Christmas is also referred to as Women's Christmas (Nollaig na mBan in Irish), or sometimes even Women's Little Christmas. It is so called because of the tradition, which is still very strong in Cork, of Irish men taking on all the household duties for the day and giving their spouses a day off. Most women will either hold parties or go out to celebrate the day with their friends, sisters, mothers, aunts etc. Bars and restaurants usually have a majority female clientele on this night. Children often buy presents for their mothers and grandmothers, and it resembles Mother's Day in this respect. source: wikipedia
I hope you all had a nice last day of Christmas!

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Mancat Monday

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="207" caption="my loverly wifeycat"]my loverly wifeycat[/caption] Oh seesh! Do you believe it? Womancats can scare the heck out of you sometimes! You see I was mindin' my own business and napping on my Gizzy Quilt at my wifey Gree's house when suddenly a terrible noise woked me up. You guess what I did see? My lovely wifey was climbin' up the air contitioner and on her way down she shredded one of Mom Robyn's printers and it landed on the floor with a big lout "thwack". Man! I was scared to death!! Oh and then, when I runned ofur to hers to check she be ok she said:"Oh it's ok. Why are you fussing around? I only practised a stunt!!" Huh? A STUNT? Oh boys I ask you: What shall a mancat do with this silly womancats huh? A stunt!! Like yeah... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="snuggling with my wifey cat, holding her close"]snuggling with my wifey cat and holding her close[/caption] I think I need to grab her and hold her close so she won't do no more stunts today!! Peee Esss: Momma is playin' around with a noo theme for us. Please be patient while some things may look a bit weird or whacky around here. We still have to adjust things... Hope we are finished by tomorow!

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Carnival of the Cats #252 - coming to Vienna.

Yes, the Carnival is coming to Vienna this coming Sunday! Come on join in to the fun at the famous Vienna Prater and enjoy a stroll through the town with us. Lots of niptinis, Mawgaritas, HAM, CHICK-HEN and ofur good stuff is waiting for you! We have planned lots of fun activities for you all! To pawticipate simply fill out the submission form at BlogCarnival or - if this does not work - email to carnivalofthecats AT or leave a comment with your linkie here in this post!

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