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Tattletoe Toosday


This is a pikshur of our friend Spot (who lives wif the Babyboybean and Mrs Q.) Momma took this Sunday.

...and these are our toesies: toesies

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Happy Puuurrrrfday Grandmacat!

Happy Birthday Grandmacat

Today is the Hottie's Grandmacats Birthday!

Since Pepi is our 'dopted brofur and Gree is married to Othello this makes hers our 'dopted Grandmacat too and to Othello she efun is his Grandmacat-in-law.... *hehehehe*

Dear 'dopted Grandmacat(-in-law), we likes you furry much and wish you the very bestest Puuurrrfday today! love, Kashim, Othello and Sally

Peee Esss: Momma says Happy Birthday too!

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[bbd] - Guinness and Potato Bread

BreadBakingDay #17, last day of submission March 1 It's time for Bread Baking Day again. This month Lien from Notitie van Lien chose the theme Bread and Potatoes and is acting as host kitchen. Thank you Lien. When I read them theme announced at Lien's blog I was very excited 'CCause I immediately knew which bread I wanted to bake. There was one potato bread lounging in my links for some time now and I wanted it to try 'CCause it has my favourite ingredients: Guinness and potatos...

BBD #17 Guinness Potato Bread

(original recipe here)
Ingredients: 4.75 cups spelt flour 4 mashed potatoes 0.5 cup luke warm Guinness 7 grams (1 packet) yeast 2 tsps salt 2 tbsps olive oil
1 - Dissolve (completely) yeast in the Guinness 2 - Mix with potatoes, oil, and salt 3 - Gradually add all of the flour. 4 - Kneed until smooth, then cover for half an hour to rise. 5 - Roll out, either into two large rounds, or into 16 rolls and place on a floured towel, cover and let rise for 20 more minutes. 6 - Bake at 200°C until done.

My thoughts:

The bread is wonderful. Rich, moist and very tasty. I have baked it again twice and still like it. I could not imagine a potato brad would be so yummy, I should have tried this earlier! Thanks Lien for making me step out of my comfort zone once again. :)

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Weekend Cat Blogging # 194

wcb # 194

Our friends Amar and Luna are hosting WCB #194 this weekend at CatSynth. Thanks for hosting ;o)

This weekend Momma has been neglecting us lots. On Saturday her fambly was here and they cellybrated hers birthday. Then she was tired and went to bed very early. No blogging for us... DHUR.

Today she went to have brunch with her friends and left early this morning. When she camed back she had to do some cores and now she tolded us she is tired again and needed to nap before she is going to watch the "Oscar Night"... Who is this Oscar guy and why does she have to watch hims in the night?

Easy like Sunday...Well, we told her that we need some blogging time and we demand a WCB post. She agreed after some arguing...

We? Um, we have been  napping lots and watching the white stuff falling down all day. It's kinda cold and wet outside so we rather stay in and stay warm. Napping is important stuff since we have been partying at Billy's Gotcha Day Party all night WITHOUT Momma, who went tho bed early *eyes momma*

Oh and we wanted to tell you that Kashim's paws have healed nicely where he had blisters and stuff. He now has pink spots on his pawpads which he does not like cause Othello tells him that pink is girlish... *hehehe*

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and snuggled a lot with your beans!

Pee. Ess: Please keep our friend Fiona Bun in your thoughts and purrayers, she is not feeling well and her Mom DKM is worried lots. Please send some purrayers to all our friends who are feeling sickly too! Thanks a lot!

Love and hugs, alla us!

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Paul 2009We all are thankful that Paul crossed Momma's way and that both of them spent a magical time together. Paul maded Momma a crazy cat lady and he is the reason why all of us have a wonderful furrever home with her now. Even tho he lefted way to soon, we know that he is always here with us. Pee Ess: Ifn you are not familiar with his story you can read it here.

Oh and *pssst* this we made for Momma all by ourselves, cause she should not know:

happy bday

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Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter

I am excited! Today I found my ancient sourdough starter in the mail! Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Some weeks ago a good friend whom I quite often chat with (Robyn, no she is no food blogger) told me about this website where people give away free sourdough starters in honor of a guy who did this for a long time. What's so special about it you ask? Well, said sourdough  is about 150 years old. So to me  - a total sourdough newbie - this is very special indeed. I am thrilled to bake with this ancient boy and already began to feed him to give him a little revival... Let's see how it will work out in a few days...

Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough

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Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #257

CotC 257

We are glad that to be able to welcome you as hosts here in Vienna again. As you all know this weekend was furry special. Filled with love and romance...

Let's see what the kitties were up to all week long:


  • Denali has a new toy:  and named it Tiggy-Love. Denali says: Tiggy-Love's fur is so soft and he's so squishy that he makes a great nap buddy. I'm sleeping with Tiggy-Love tonight
  • Hakuna is very relaxed and made herself familiar with the new furniture, sometimes renovating the house is good for kitties too.
  • Awww, these two haven't had a nice trip to the vet. We are sending purrs and hope you both feel better soon.


  • Awww what a sweet kitty face this guest blogger has!
  • Wow! We knew we cats are creative artists. Just look here!
  • Awwwww! SQUEEEE! Did you see these sweet snuggle buddies? This is the proof that snuggling is manly tho!
  • Come meet Little Mo "Moey" and read her story it is sooo sweet. (seesh will momma ever stop squeeeing again? think we need a new typist helper!)


  • Our friends Amar and Luna are back to blogging and have a wonderful artistic pikshur of Luna in the sun. Pretty gurl she is!
  • Remembering a dear friend can be bittersweet we understand. We are sending good thoughts your way!
  • Mog played with Photoshop and helped Meowza make a wonderful Valentin's graphic. Sally is in 7th heaven. hehe
  • Love, Love, Love: Izumi loves her Daddy. Even when he is neglectin' her and sleepin 'tho she needs to be petted.


  • Speaking of love: Cece loves Temptations. Oh we can relate to that one! We bet he loves Mog too (for giving him Temptations at least)
  • Meowza (with the help of lovely Miz Mog for sure) made a sweet Valentine's for Sally. ow she is swooning all over...
  • There is a kitty who might soon meet a crispy kitty fate if he/she does not hear what her mommy says and one tummy desperately neeeded to be rubbed.


  • Oh Noes! Sir Tristan is stuck on the roof! But gets "rescued" by his sister Diamaond. Good to have a female in the house, huh? *snickers*
  • It's all about romance at Diamond's this week! How we adore her ability to make wonderful graphics. *sigh*
  • Over at Stranger Rangers they had some scardey scardey moments and we are very releieved to hear that everythings seems to go uphill again and nothing to worry about those sweet cats anymore for now! *phew*


  • Our friends Eric and Flynn tell us a lesson at mousecatching on a Flashback Friday.  It's always handy to know how to catch a mouse, you never know when you'll need this skill,... to impress a ladycat maybe?
  • Miss Samantha and Mr Tigger have googley eyes for their beloved ones and even maded videos for Valentine's form them. How sweet! ;o) Oh yeah and they are taking it waaaaaay easy thos Sunday. Jealous. we. is. hehe
This concudes this edition of CotC or this weekend. Your host next week will be at When cats attack.

We hope you had fun and wish you all a happy week! luv, alla us

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Happy Birthday Sophia!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

We are a liottle cabbilated beacuse Momma did not help us make a Birthday card for Sophia, the Diva kitty yesterday. She was very crabilated yesserday and still is a bit crabillated today.Withe her own Birthday coming up this week she is always crabby and sad. she will get over it tho, but it is not a very nice time of the year here...

So sorry Sophia, we are a day late bút here is our Birthday cards we maded with our very own paws and we hope you haded a wonnerful day yessrday!

Happy belated Birthday, love alla us!

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Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Happy VD!

We hope you all have a wonderful and snuggly Valentine's weekend!

Kashim's Valentine for Holly

Kashim sends kissies and snuggles to his beloved Holly!

Othellos Valentine for Gree

Ohtello sends a squillion nosekissies to his wifeycat Gree! Peee Ess: Don't forget, both of them are hosting a special Valentine's WCB on their Wedding blog!

sally valentine meowza

Salome sends Valentine wishes to handsum Meowza!

Oh and then we have to very special Valentine's Greetings to DKM and Billy from Kashim and Sally:


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Carnival of the Cats is here this weekend!

CotC 257

It's all about love this weekend, so join us for a snuggly tour through romantic places in Vienna! submit your post here or email carnivalofthecats(at)gmail [dot] com

We are happy to welcome you all on Sunday evening or early Monday!

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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos No.83


We are so sorry. It sems that we keep having to apologize constantly for being late with carnivals. :( Life has been very crazy around here lately and we are really annoyed and sorry for not being able to keep up an regular schedule! So here are so very late the baaaad kitties... That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of bad kitty cats festival of chaos using our carnival submission form.

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Toesies on Toosday

toesies toosdayLittle pawsies, a tail and a tiny snap of a nose... all together now: Awwww! :o)

Happy Birthday Daisy

Dear Miss Daisy, we all wanted to wish you wonderful day on your Birthday! Thank you for making our days brighter and happier every day when we visit you! love alla us! xoxoxoxo

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Mancat Monday

Easy like Sunday...

Sleeping is best for healing, don't you think? Sleeping and dreaming of my LadeyCat Holly is even better for healing!

In case you were wondering here is an update on mine burnded paws: update on Kashim pawsupdate on Kashim paws As you can see the blisters have nearly gone and my pawpads are healing fine. Thanks to Momma who reacted so fast and did the right first aid on mine paws even if I didn't like it at all. I know she only wanted the best for me and me getting well as soon as possible. I have to admit the pain was awful and I warn all you nosey kitties: Do not step on a hot stove ever!

My Mancat Monday advice is:

Never step on a hot plate.  Ever. Even if you are sooper dooper nosey. Nothing you can find there is worth burnded paws, they hurt awfully and will end you up with an icky VET appointment for sure!

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Easy like Sunday...

funny pictures moar funny pictures

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Carnival of the Cats

Miz Pet and the ever gorgeous Bengal Brats are hosting CotC this Sunday and the maded a theme and a little contest too: It's all about "silhouettes". We were not sure how we were supposed to provided the contest pics so every one of us decided of one pic which shows him kinda silhouette-like. Miz Pet we hope we did it right?

So here we comes all silhouette-y:

Salome Salome said this would be the perfect pic for the theme, if only Momma didn't get it all so blurry....

Kashim Kashim decided on this pic, He thinks it makes him look extra sporty... *hehe*

Easy like sunday Othello thinks this is a perfect pose to look silhouette-y... watcha think?

because her first pic went so all blurry we allowed Salome to pic another one. She is a girl kitty after all and needs to haf a purrty pic: Salome 2008 08 23

She decided on this one and said it would make a perfect  silhouette to use on a top corner of a door... No idea what she is talking about tho! luv'n'hugs, alla us

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Amber Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Amber Vegetable and Lentil soup

Serves 4-6 1 Butternut Squash (or 1 small pumpkin) 1 Large Onion 5-6 Large Carrots 1-2 Cloves Garlic 1 tbsp Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Dried, Split Red Lentils 1 tsp Coriander 1/2 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Paprika 1 litre Water 2 Vegetable Stock Cubes (Knorr is the best) 1-2 tbsp Tomato Paste Additional Water as needed
In a wok or large pan add the olive oil and the onion chopped roughly. Peel, seed and chop the squash into cubes and add to the pan, cook squash and onion until softened and slightly browned in places. Add peeled and chopped carrot and 1-2 cloves of garlic - cook for a few minutes while adding the lentils and spices. Cover with about 1 litre of water and add the stock cubes and tomato paste, bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat for about 15-30 mins, until the lentils have absorbed lots of the water. Add water to bring the fluid level up to about where it was to start with and whiz up until smooth.
You can cool it and store it at this point, or serve it and eat it. Best served with a little double cream and some nice fresh bread.

My thoughts:

No doubt I am a soup lover and I I love all three main ingredients: squash, carrots and lentils. The soup was great I loved it. I used a tad to much dried coriander. I think next time I will use less powdered coriander and go for some fresh leaves instead. Should add a very nice kick to it. The only thing I changesd from the recipe given was that I used home made veggie stock instead of stock cubes and water... This recipe was kindly given to me by Jacquie Hookey a fellow cat blogger. Thank you so much for allowing me to post it here, Jacquie! To all you soup lovers: Give it a try it's worth the effort!

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Weekend Cat Blogging #192

Weekend Cat Blogging #192

We are sooo late!! *gives Momma the eye* Mr Tigger is hosting WCB this weekend at the M-Cats Club. Mmmmh that calls for some real good niptinis and nip beer and some game of cards later on.... She has been bizzy with cleaning all weekend and then cooking and baking and what not. We barely came to blog and visit our friends again! She helped us make Valentine cards for our girlfriends tho, she made up a bit for not helping us blog tho. Your pillow? No way!Sally is still wondering if there is any mancat who will be willing to be her Valentine... hehe good that I am married and Kashim has his wonderful girlfriend Holly. So we need not to bother and think who is gonna be a Valentine, we have purrrtey LadeyCats already. And we are very happy with them to say the least. update on Kashim paws Update on Kashims paws: We have been to the VET Ladey this Tuesday and she gave hims an aunty-bioticks shot and some icky pills to take. He is not taking it sporty I tell ya! But the pawsies are healing well, so Momma needs no longer to worry too much. He is still grumpy tho and we try npot to get into his way but he no longer is limping that much and his blisters seem to heal good. Easy like Sunday... Me? I gotted some aunty-bioticks for my teefs again but I am fine with it. I am a good boy and let Momma give it to me. I know they'll help me eat better again, so I am a clever boy and eat them all up when Momma gives them to me!
That's the news so far from alla us. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, yours truly Othello Peee Esss: Next Weekend Me and my LadeyCat Gree are hosting a special Valentines Day WCB on ours Wedding Bloggie, so be sure not to miss it, k?

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worn out Saturday

Salome Saturday

Oh boy I tell ya!

Yesterday this Ladey and he man whom the boys call Gramlady and Grampie camed early in the morning...

*it was 10 am Sally*

...yeah right as I said EARLY in the morning and then they maded us all wake up. The man gotted out the roaring monster and used it like all day and a squillion times. *sigh*

he used it for getting off your furs from all over the place, you know!

aye whatever... and the Ladey began to brush our cat condo, now how weird is this I ask you?

again she just tried toget rid of you furs from allover the place.

hey we didn't ask fur that! Then Momma locked us up in th e other room. ALL three of us, so they could do whatever they needed to do. When we camed back into OUR living room every thing smelled so ... um I dunno how to say but not like cat ... not good at all and on all our places our furs where goned!!

You can bet we were not pleased since we have to work now to get everthing right again and get that right smell on everything again... we are worned outr by now by doing so and need a nap or two or...

I hope you have a nice Saturday and weekend tho. We are also thinking of our friends who have gone to the bridge or are sickly while naping.

Oh and here is the weekend party fun:


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Godspeed our friends, till we meet again!

buzzy, meep, bear

Another sad time for your fiends and way too many good byes. We can't say no more good byes to friends so we say: "Until we meet again buddies!"

A little over a year ago Buzzerbee left to roam free at the RainbowBridge. Then Meep followed him this year and way too quick after Meep, Bear decided to join them. It is hard to lose so many furry fiends in one family in such a short period of time.. Our hearts go out to Twizzler, who must feel very lonely now as the only kitty and the whole family. We feel your sadness and are sending lots of hugs and comofting thoughts.

good bye jake!

On another sad note Jake was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after his mum maded the hardest decision to let him go and roam free without pain at the Rainbow Bridge. They maded their goodbyes but we know his Mum and his sister Bathsheba are missing him badly and are so very lonely without him.

Hi Mum put is so very right:

... We were honored to join the supportive cat network and become part of a big family. But, by joining this big network of cats, we make ourselves vulnerable to emotional pain as well. We get to know these cats and they feel like family. Some get sick; some die. Those times are hard on all of us. And cats don't live as long as humans. They give us great joy while they are alive. We mourn their passing with torrents of tears. ...

Thats how we feel these moments! There is a candle lit always for our friends and their families at our home. Our heart is with you always.

Purrs For Rockys Mom

We are also very worried about Rocky's Mom who is such a wonderful human and catpurrrson. She is having a hard time healthwise and all of her furries are very upset to see hers not being well. Please get well soon, we need you and miss you! We are sending our strongest healing purrs and purrayers to you!

love and hugs and purrrs, alla us and Momma too

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Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday

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Saturday Feast: An Italian Dinner

Saturday Feast

I am a big fan of the Italian Fattoria La Vialla. For one reason I have never seen a catalog which is made with more love and more detailed than the ones I've received from them over the past years, every one full of pictures and stories about the backgrounds of the products and the Fattoria itself. Another reason is of course their wonderful products. Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Honey and not least their (handmade) Pasta are my favourites. Given the high quality of their products I am yet amazed by the price. Well it is not cheap but considering the high quality it is worth every Cent. Last week we - well in fact Mrs Q. who always acts as collecting point for our orders - received a little package (no we did not order anything yet this year) and what we found in it surprised us big deal: A small bottle of the newest olive oil (2008), a bottle of fresh red grape juice and a bottle of red wine.  FOR FREE!! Now isn't that cool? Mrs Q. was so generous to share and so we were celebrating a feast this Saturday: Fresh made pizza bread with sundried tomatos, some Grana Padano (which was melted into lovely letters by Mr T. and was deliciously crunchy),  a bowl of oilve oil and balsamic vinegar to accompany the bread. Mmmmmh, I can tell you it was yummy!!! The grape juice was a perfect partner to go with the foods. Aaaah life is good sometimes!  *smile*

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Malakofftorte (Austrian Almond Torte)

My dear friend had Birthday this Thursday and thus she wanted to have a Malakofftorte for her Birthday cake. I did some research in the foodblgworld for ideas and recipes but then finally leaned against the family recipe of my mom 'CCause it was less "heavy" knowing that she does not like cakes with too much heavy cream... I worked out quite fine and she was happy with it what made me happy too *smile*

Malakofftorte (Austrian Almond Torte)

48 ladyfingers 1/8 l milk Baileys 1/2 l Milch 100 gram sugar 20 gram vanilla sugar 1 package custard powder 1/2 l whipped cream 50 gram ground almonds 6 sheets gelatine topping: 6 ladyfingers 1/4 l whipped cream some drops vanillla extract Baileys
  • First make the custard using 1/2 l milk and both the sugar and vanilla sugar. Let cool. Meanwhile whip the cream.
  • When cooled down mix in the almonds into the custard, then the gelatine. Carefully fold in the whipped cream.
  • Mix milk with Baileys. Dip the ladyfingers in the milk and cover the bottom of a 9-inch (23 cm) springform pan with them.
  • Spread 1/3 of the mixture over the ladyfingers.
  • Repeat with alternating layers of ladyfingers and almond mixture, ending with a layer of ladyfingers.
  • Wrap tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, place a heavy plate or cutting board on top, and refrigerate overnight.
  • Next day whip the remaining cream and Baileys. Cover the top of the cake with the topping and decorate with some ladyfingers.
My thoughts: I made the double amount of custard and halfed the whipped cream in the recipe. This makes the cake less heavy but not less tasty ;)

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Easy Like Sunday...

easy like sunday

We are taking it Easy this Sunday!

Kashim's paws are healing slowly. Momma is still worried and we ALL are scheduled for the nice VET Lady on Tuesday. ME likes the nice VET Ladey! The boys say ME is crazy!! ME does not fink so!


Oh and HI Meowza *blush* *hihihi*

Heres the weekend fun activities:

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Weekend Cat Blogging #191

wcb Hi! It is time for cats on this foodblog. It's the weekend and once a week wea re allowed to speak here too. It has NO been the best week for us kitties to be honest. Kashim burnt his paws on Wednesday evening when Momma was working in the kitchen making Mrs Q.'s birthday cake. He walked over the hot plate and well you can imagine what happened then... Momma bandaged his paws and treated them with burn ointment but he is still limping and we are concerned a bit. Fortunately he is resting lots and walking only little so his paws have a chance to heal. We are scheduled to the trip to the VET tho. ALL of us! DUHR! wcb

Have a nice Sunday yall!

Speaking of weekend, heres the weekend fun activities:

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Finally Friday and brofurly love...

2009 01 29 Aren't they too cute?

2009 01 29 Othello and Kashim rarely ever cuddle up at the same sleeping spot too near to each other. In fact all the time they are with me I never saw them snuggle more or closer than touching tails or toes or... well you get the point... When I came into the room this evening to check on Kashim what I saw was this picture you see above. Othello and Kashim snuggled up in Othello's favourite chair. Othello is always the sensitive one with nursing the others (cats and beans) when they do not feel well. What amazes me is that Kashim let him do this since he tends to be very grumpy when he is feeling bad. Brotherly love is best, huh? Now on to the Kashim report by Kashim himself:

2009 01 29 update on mine paws

Hey there friends, I am hanging in there - that's what Mom Robyn says is best - hanging in and kicking back at lemons. Momma and Mom Robyn have been talking about lemons and lemonade quite a lot lately. I am a bit concerned, do you think the may have gone nuts or  lost their entire marbles? If so we needs to find thems marbles and give em back! Maybe Sally has been playing with them or Othello hidded thems, he always hides stuff others need... Ah aye where was I? As you can see I only gots on bandaged paw. My paws are healing. It hurts lots and I am limping a bit when I walk but I am not in pain (only a little when I walk). My left paw has gone a bit sore and has even some bloddy parts but momma took care of them and I was a good boy and let her get away with it. The only thing I do not like about that was that she bandaged it again for the night. How am I supposed to care for my paw when she has it all hidded? She says we need to bandage it in oderer to let it heal better and give the creme she put on a chance to work... she putted creme on the other paw too and massaged it. It worked fine there, why not on this one? Weird. Human logic again I suspect...

Hope all of you kitties have a wondeful start into the weekend!

Speaking of weekend, heres the weekend fun activities:

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A pink Princess Cake for Mrs Q.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Babs' Birthday Let's make her a cake. Mix and stir, stir and mix Then into the oven to bake.

Here's the cake so nice and round, We ice it pink  and white. We put *** candles on it To make the birthday bright. Happy Birthday, Mrs Q.!

Cake recipe to follow...

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Happy Birthday Mrs Q.!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Mrs Q.'s Birthday and Momma maded hers a very extra special Princess Cake, see it is even pink. It's the cake she was making when Kashim decided to help an walk over the hotplate. ...

Hey Mrs Q., this one is for you!

Its Your Birthday

Today is happy It most certainly is Shake a pop And make it fizz

Fly a kite Or take a nap Slap a knee And pat a back

Run or skip Without a care Or fly a plane If you dare

Swim or skate Take your pick Hit a mailbox With a stick

Fall or trip Laugh or play Do whatever Its your Birthday

Love, purrrrs and headbutts all us

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Please Moki Fight!


We just heard the sad mnews that Moki is getting worse, very weak and needs to fight real hard again. poor little guy we are sending yóur all our bestest purrs and purrayers and reactivated our powerful nap-piling for Moki.

Moki you and your loved ones are  in our thoughts always!


Come on let this spirit in you once again beat the evil sickiness!

Love, alla us!

Peee Ess: Kashim continues to do fine. Momma checked his paws serveral times yesterday and it seems that they are not hurt too bad. He can walk, tho he is doing it very carefully but other than that he is back to his grumpy old self  soon we think!

Peee Peee Essss: Thanks so much for all your supportive messages during the last two days. We appreciate them lots! We are blessed to have you all!

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We has a sad.


As Gree already told you our awesome man is hurting today. His little niece wandered off to be a little angel. On a less sad note: Kashim's paws are doing better today. Thanks for all your purrs and good wishes we very much appreciated it! Momma is relieved that the burn ointment and aloe vera helped good yesterday. She had a rather sleepless night tho and was snuggling with Kashim all night but is happy he is doing so fine. He is all grumpy tho and is walking very carefully - well he never walks around that much tho so this might help with the healing of his paws too. Ifn I can snap a pic of his paw pads I will share it with yall!

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stupid.stupid.stupid mancat!

stupid stupid stupid

Hey friends it is me - Kashim -  I done a stupit thing: Momma was working in the kitchen and when she was not looking I walked over the hot burner (hotplate) and burned  both my front paws. Momma looked at them and heped with first aid and burn ointment on my delicate paws but they do hurt lots and I can't walk right now! I do not know what I was thinking when I walked over there. I normaly never walk there. Stupid mancat I am! Could you send some healing purrs over if you spare a moment? Please and thank you! Update and note from the Momma: I think he still is in a kind of light shock, his nose and ears are warmer than usual but otherwise he is doing good. Eyes are clear and he is overall reacting good. Just very annoyed with his bandaged paws. He holding his little paws like they have nothing to do with him and tries to shake the bandages off which luckily does not work. Thanks for all the purring and sending good thoughts! And most of all thanks to Robyn for getting the word out to the cats! We will get around to say thank you as soon as I am sure he is feeling better and doing well! :)

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