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Sad beyond words... RIP Meowza

I have always loved the photos of you rolling in the dirt best.


Goodbye my love until we meet again
I know that you must go it's not the end

May happiness be yours along the way

And where you go may love be yours each day

My love I know you have to say farewell
I'll be alright now I know time will tell

One day you will return
I don't know when

Goodbye my love until we meet again

xoxo Sally

 We all here are devastated by the news that my beloved Meowza has runned to the Bridge. It was so unexpected and at the moment we don't even know what has happened really.

Our heart goes out to our friend Miz Mog - we feel with her and feel her loss and pain. We are sending huge hugs and purrs of comfort her way, though we know at the moment there is nothing to ease the sorrow. We will have a Meowza shaped mark in our hearts from now on.

That's all the words Is have for now :(

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Carnival of the Cats #417 - Let's party!


We've been so thrilled to host a carnival again and welcome you all to the party - but the blogging gods seem to be against us :(

Blog Carnival was down for the better part of the weekend and when we looked for entries in the webmail submission inbox, there was nothing but spam. We are so sad!

We just know that somewhere there must be all your lovely entries - our friends haven't forgotten us, have you?

 *** *** ***

Mog was so nice to send us some entries she came across and we found two comments on our announcement post earlier this week, so this is all we have at the moment, we are so sorry! :(

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Carnical of the Cats #417

Please, if you sent in your link - please would you just drop it off in the comments here again, so we are able to add you to the carnival round up? Thanks!

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Carnival of the Cats #417

Here are the entries we found so far:

Nikita told us that there was a Birthday going on at his place:  Two Middle-aged Old Men Celebrate a Birthday Together #1 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!

On a rather sad note he also told us about the Disturbing Tragedy of Cats in the OC Shelter - this makes our hearts even more sad...

My most loverly mancat Meowza *nosekisses a thousand times* is happy to repurrt that he and Mz Mog were able to fix all the blogs that were broken with the help of  Pixel & Samba (YAY to thems!!)

Uhm, yeah, oh well sometimes a mancat as to do what he's gotta do... I unnnerstands that my loverly! 

Miz Mog did a great job hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend (with the help of my mancat I am sure!!) - thank you Miz Mog!

Our friends at Jan's Funny Farm and Life from a Cat's Perspective  let us know in the comments of our announcement post that they sent in their entry but we can't identify which post they sent so we are just linking to their bloggie for the moment (all of their posts are worth reading anyway!)

Update 3 pm (Austria time, UTC+1):

Elvira was so nice to point us to some lost entries so wie are posting them below:

Firstly Elivra herself has a lost of interesting news in her newest article, you really should go and read it. - Thanks Sweetie!

Then she found Jan's Furry Farm's entry, read it here.

How could we ever have a carnival without this cute picture of Luna?! - she is a true catlady, so elegant!

StrangerRanger has found a candidate he can believe in. Methinks he is pretty handsum!

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Carnival of the Cats #417

*** *** ***

Carnival of the Cats #417

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Carnival of the Cats #417

We are hosting Carnival of the Cats this coming Sunday!

Come and join us!

Carnical of the Cats ä417

Pawticipating is easy :  Submit your catblogging post to the handy BlogCarnivalsubmission form or email to carnivalofthecats(at)

Carnival of the Cats #417

We'll see you on Sunday Evening!

Carnival of the Cats #417

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Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K

A few days ago we found this in our inbox:
Dear Fellow Blogger:
We want to ask a huge favor - would you join us on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 in Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K?
K is a very special dog belonging to KB, a blogger who does amazing work chronicling her life in the Rocky Mountains.  KB posts videos and pictures of bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, elk, etc., etc., and some of the most amazing mountain views we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  If you have never found her blog, we strongly recommend going - .
If you read only a few of her blog posts, you will quickly discover that her heart dog is K, a faithful canine companion on all of her adventures.  Unfortunately, K is facing some very challenging health issues and has her next round of chemotherapy on Friday, February 17.  Any of you who are animal lovers and have faced the same situation know what a difficult time this is for KB.  A group of us have conspired to be Kb's Pillars of Strength as they go through this time and want you to join us. [...]

We did not know KB or K or her blog but even through this email we felt that she must be a very special person and be much loved by our fellow bloggers (who do a far better job at blogging) and if our friends call for help we'll try to do whenever we can.

 We have strolled through that amazing blog and feel how special all of them are! We fell sorry for K - such a beeeeeutiful woofie - being sick and we will do everything like sending our strongest purrs and purrayers to make her feel better! So of course we are joining this movement and be a part of the Pillars of  Strengh!!

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